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Welcome to Willow class with Ms Fairhurst, Ms High and Mrs Smith.

Autumn 1

We have spent time look at images of the Queen and remembering all the amazing things she has done in her time on the throne.

This week in structure play we had action figures and table top games out to help encourage social interaction.

This week in maths we looked at 3D shapes. We mainly looked at cubes and spheres and how they were made up.

This week in out topic lessons we have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We have looked at the food they ate, the pyramids they built, how they wrote and the paper they used. The class had fun making their own papyrus at the end of the week.

Autumn 2

On Monday we did lots of Halloween crafts to get us in the spooky spirit

In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes. In this lesson we had been looking at making cuboids

Over the week leading up to bonfire night we looked at the story and history behind it. We had great fun making fireworks pictures

We have had fun in P.E doing different gymnastics and balance positions.

We have looked at why we celebrate Remembrance Day and what it actually mean. The class made some beautiful poppies by using they their hand prints and all by using tissue paper. We held a whole school assembly and did a minutes silence to remember those who had fallen.

We have had a wonderful time in thereplay looking at going over and under things to improve our gross motor skills and also our fine motor skills by popping bubbles in different ways.

So far this term in structured play we have had so much fun building using wooden pieces and also constructing things that move. We have also had some wonderful group breakfast times where we all sit and eat together and talk about what we have been doing. The boys have tried new fruits and had fun doing things for themselves.

Spring 1

In English we have been looking at the difference between fiction and non fiction. The class looked at lots of different books and the different parts of them. We then wrote our own fiction book after planning it he plot out. The class made some amazing stories for us to read.

I’m maths we have boon looking at pattern and direction and had fun directing our peers across a grid. We have also been starting each lesson of with a whole class maths quiz which the boys have loved.

In science we have been learning all about sound and how it travels. We did lots of musical experiment and made our own string cup phones and also our own shakers which they designed themselves.

In our topic lessons we have been studying the Ancient Greeks. We looked at the olympics and the pottery they used. We made our versions of the art work on the pots and then also made our own clay pots to take home.

Towards the end of the term in English we looked at the truth story of the 3 little pigs. The class split into two groups and spent the week writing police reports, newspaper articles and then planning a debate at the end of the week to show that their character was the innocent party. The final debate was amazing and the boys did so well arguing their case that the jury couldn’t decide who was guilty.

Spring 2

In the first week back in school we had world book day. The class including staff all came in dressed as a word. We had a whole school parade and then came back to class for a zoom quiz with may footballers asking the questions. We then did a scavenger hunt for letters that spelled out different words.

Our class had a trip to the 3 sisters where we went for a walk, had a picnic and had a game of football.

During English we had a dragon visit our class. We all had fun writing how we would trap the dragon and describing what it would look like.

In science we looked at how things grow. We did an experiment where we tried to grow a seed without soil. The class loved how different all their results were as we watched them grow over the week.

We had a poet visit the school during this term. She came into Willow class and they all listened to her recite one of her poems and then we wrote a class poem. She was very impressed at how engaged and well the class were.

Summer 1

In history we are looking at the Mayan’s. We have looked at their Gods and their temples, we have also studied their number system.