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English tasks

Couch Potato!

This is Jory John and Pete Oswald's typically on-point story about getting the right balance between fun gadgets and fun outdoors with friends!
Don't be a coach potato this week at home year 6!

Keep a diary of the different things you do around the home this week to keep active and not a coach potato.
"On Monday I did this....on Tuesday I did this......on Wednesday I did this...."

Grumpy Monkey - because sometimes we can all get a little grumpy, fed up and down in the dumps.

After listening to the story about Jim and his grump day, think about this task below:
Write about what makes you grumpy: Discuss things that may make you grumpy with an adult and remember that everybody is different. We may have different feelings about the same situations- what will you write about?

The Day the crayons quit - Read Aloud book for children

After watching the story, choose one of these tasks to do:

Write a new letter from one of the crayons to Duncan.
Write a new story about everyday objects that decide to quit.
Find synonyms for different colours (e.g. Red = Crimson, maroon, rose, cherry).
Write a conversation between two (or more) of the crayons.
Write Duncan's replies to the crayons' letters.

After working through this PPT, make a list of as many words you can think of which end in the "shus" sound, spelt either cious or tious. Can you use any of the words in a sentence?

Spelling - 'Shus' words

Watch this video to help you with the rules for tious and cious endings.