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Wonder About Wacky Weather

This half term we have been looking at the topic- Wacky Weather! Have a watch of this clip to revisit and revise some of the things we have been learning about. Then afterwards could you....
1.Design a tornado proof shelter that would survive in your garden.
2.Draw the outline of a human and add on clothing, shoes, what is in their bag which would help them survive in a wacky weather scenario.
3.Describe to an adult how you would feel if a flood, earthquake, tornado etc...were to hit you home. Would you be frightened, worried, scared?
4.Do some research into which areas are hit most frequently by wacky weather experiences.

Why does water fall as rain? | Geography - Wild Weather with Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond demonstrates the effect of water on other physical objects.

12 Tough Riddles Make You Feel Smarter Than Sherlock

Can you spot a lie? Are you good at solving riddles? How about spotting a lie in a riddle... sounds like a perfect training for your analytical skills!
You may need some scrap paper to hand to help you solve some of these- you may also want to pause the video to give you time to think.