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Welcome to Team Cherry 2019-2020! 


In Team Cherry there are...

Mrs Jones- Teacher

Ms Longworth- TA

Miss Bethwaite- TA



Christmas baking and crackers.

We made Christmas shortbread biscuits and decorated them as reindeer. We also followed instructions to create our own crackers. We can't wait to open them as there is a surprise inside!

The Wizard of Oz display work.

During our Hocus Pocus topic we looked at the story The Wizard of Oz. We watched clips of the film and described the twister and the different characters. We also used the skills we had developed in DT and Art to create a class display.

Autumn 2 2019-2020- Curriculum Information for parents/carers.

Cherry Class 2018-2019- Please see the work below.

The 3 Little Puppies and the Mysterious Wolf

Still image for this video
During our topic work we have written our own twisted fairy tale script as a class. Then we made the puppets using socks and other fabrics. Finally we painted the scenery before practicing acting out the puppet show. Here is a small part of our puppet show that we thought was the funniest part. What do you think?
Summer term 2- In science we learnt how sounds are vibrations that travel in waves. The sounds travel into our ears so that a message can then be sent to our brain and we hear the sound. We made string telephones to show that the sound moved through the string.  

Using our string telephones.

Using our string telephones. 1
Using our string telephones. 2
Using our string telephones. 3
Using our string telephones. 4
Using our string telephones. 5
Using our string telephones. 6
Summer term 2-  During our English lesson this week we have read the story of Hansel and Gretel. As we have been practising adding description and adjectives to our writing, we designed and wrote descriptions of our own gingerbread houses. After we had completed our descriptions we made our gingerbread houses and decorated them with lots of different sweets. We were very pleased with our finished products and they tasted lovely too. Yum yum!

Designing, making and decorating our gingerbread houses.

Summer 2- During our Jigsaw lessons we have been learning about what a baby needs to grow. We spoke about how a baby needs love, warmth, to be cared for, clothing interaction and attention. We then had a go at looking after a baby of our own using the dolls. We dressed them, played with them, changed them, entertained them and fed them. We are all going to make great parents if we choose to have children. 

Looking after our babies.

Curriculum information for parents/carers- 2nd half summer term

Summer Term 1- During our science topic on forces and magnets we explored which materials were magnetic and non magnetic. We also devised an investigation using paper clips to test which magnet was the strongest. It was great fun exploring the magnets!

Investigating magnets

Summer Term 1-During our topic on inventors and inventions we have thought about what we could make to help us do something at home or at school. We created a detailed design of what we wanted to make, before making it and finally evaluating it.

Summer Term 1- During science we have been learning about different forces. We spoke about friction and what is does to objects. We set up an investigation to see which surface would cause the most friction on a toy car. The investigation required us to work as a team to ensure it was a fair test.


Investigating friction

Summer Term 1- As part of The Big Clean up week 2019 we spoke about the importance of recycling as much of our waste as possible. We decided to try and create our own recycled paper. Allison from Wigan Council showed us how to get all the water out of the paper pulp by using a special frame and a sponge. The photos show the process that we went through to get the end product- our recycled pieces of paper!

Making our own recycled paper

Summer Term 1- Cherry class took part in The Big Clean up 2019. We learnt about the damage and impact that litter or rubbish is having on the environment, wildlife and the earth. We therefore decided to go our own class litter pick to help clean up the local environment around our school. We then used the data on the types of litter collected to find out that the most popular types of litter we found were plastics and paper.  

The Big Clean Up 2019 Litter Pick

Curriculum Information for parents- 1st half Summer term

Spring Term 2-As part of our topic Above and Below, we have been learning about the parts of a river. We created our own rivers in trays and then challenged ourselves to design a bridge that would go over our river. We then tested our bridges to see if they were sturdy and could hold wooden blocks.

Spring Term 2- During our topic Above and Below we have looked at the work of the French artist George Suerat. He became famous for developing the technique of pointillism when small dots were used to create pictures. We have created our own pointillism pictures of rivers.

Our pointillism pictures inspired by George Suerat

Spring Term 2nd half- Curriculum Information for Parents

Spring Term 1- When learning about information texts we have created our leaflets all about looking after dogs. We looked on the internet and the PDSA website to research the topic, as well as print off pictures that we wanted to use on our leaflets. We hope you find them informative and interesting to read. 

Our dog information leaflets

Spring Term 1- In English we have been learning about the features of instructions.  We made pizzas in class and then have written our own instructions. We made sure our instructions had a title, a what we need section, time connectives and used 'bossy' verbs.    

How to make a pet face pizza.

Our dog puppets

Our dog puppets 1
Our dog puppets 2
Our dog puppets 3
Our dog puppets 4
Spring Term 1- To link our work on instructions and our favourite pets, dogs, we have made dog puppets by following a series of instructions. They took us a long time to create but we are proud of the finish products.

Curriculum Information for parents Spring term 1st half