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The staff in Cherry class are...

Mrs Jones - Class Teacher

Ms Longworth - Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Mc Kenna - Teaching Assistant

Whilst learning about rainforests and Pierre Maxo, we were inspired to create our own rainforest art work. We colour mixed to create a back drop and the used wax crayons to add the trees and the animals..

We created a mural of a famous Pierre Maxo painting.

We compared life living in a rainforest village to living in an English town. We created rainforest tribal houses using shreddies and hay. It was messy but we loved eating some shreddies as we made our pictures!

We have got some caterpillar eggs in our class that we are watching as they develop into butterflies. As we are learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar, we have completed some activities related to this.

In Jigsaw we have been learning about what babies need to grow and develop. We played with the dolls and practised looking after them

Summer term 2nd half- Information for parents and carers

This half term our topic was all about the seaside.

In DT we have designed, made and evaluated a picnic plate that we could take to the seaside with us.

After reading The Lighthouse Keepers lunch in English we made our own lighthouses.

Summer term- half term 1 Information for parents

To complete our Science topic on plants we create sunflower paintings using forks and paint.

We have been learning about different types of poetry. We wrote acrostic poems all about the things that we like.

During our DT lessons we have tasted and planned what pies we wanted to make. We then made them and answered questions to evaluate how we felt the process went. Our favourite pie was an apple pie. It was tricky to cut the pastry the correct thickness and next time we would like to make a big pie

We gave the bee bots instructions so that they could follow the direction of the track.

We created 2D shapes using playdough or marshmallows and cocktail sticks. We spoke about the properties of each shape.

While we were looking at instructions in English we followed the instructions given to us by an adult to make our own sandwich.

This week we looked at coal mining in Wigan. We used charcoal to create pictures of the collieries.

In our history lesson we learnt about different musicians and music styles, over time, who have come from Wigan. These included George Formby, Northern Soul and The Verve. We listened to the types of music, gave our opinions and also had a god at playing a ukulele to the song 'When I'm cleaning windows.'

In our science lesson we went for a walk on the filed to look for wild plants.We saw a daisy, daffodil and snowdrop. We planted sunflower seeds and will complete a diary about how they grow. Some of us also had time to climb a tree.

On St David's  Day, 1st March 2021, we wrote poems about daffodils. We looked closely at the flower to see what words we could use to describe them in our shape poems. We also created a daffodil using craft materials and glue. All our work then went on a display that really brightened up our corridor. 

Click on the PDF document below to see an overview of the topics and lessons that we will be covering this half term in Cherry class. There is also ideas of how you can help your child at home with their learning.

Welcome to the 2nd half of the Spring term! Please look above for all the lessons and activities that we will take part in this half term leading up to Easter.  


We made pancakes as a class. We shared the different jobs and spoke about why we have pancakes in relation to the beginning of Lent.

When learning about Andy Warhol we created our own Pop Art pictures.

We learnt about the primary colours and when exploring colour mixing, we created the secondary colours.

In English this week we have read the story Jack and the flum flum tree.

We completed a Creative Well being Project from Place 2 be all about our feelings and colours.

To continue our work on World War 2, we have been looking at railways. We explored the types of trains that the children travelled on when being evacuated and looked closely at the different railway bridges. Then we used what we had found out as a class to design our own railway bridges and labelled the different materials that we would use. Next, we made our own bridges by following our plan, and finally evaluated how we felt making them went. From doing this we were very proud of our bridges and liked the pillars or track on our bridges. However, we found sticking them together and using sellotape tricky.

In science we saw how many body parts we could label. We then spoke about the parts of our body associated with our senses. It was fun to play a series of games to test our senses. The games were as follows...

*Guess the smell in the cup.

*Taste the jelly bean and guess the flavour.

*What object can you feel in the box?

*Sound BINGO as a class

*Making coloured spinners   

Have scroll through our pictures to see us taking part in the lesson.

This week our focus text has been 'Stickman,' by Julia Donaldson. We all thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story and could talk about what had happened in the story in our own words. We practised sounding out words independently by labelling a picture from the story, designed our own stick person and then made them. We collected ideas a a class about what Stickman and his family may do next.    
This week we have been practising using the apparatus to travel on, under and through. We worked hard and even challenged ourselves to travel off!

We loved making chocolate marshmallows and bread stick sparklers with sprinkles on!

Practising our pencil control skills. Can you copy the firework pattern?

Autumn 2nd half- What we will be covering this half term.

Making our Maths lessons magic!

We wrote letters to the Little Red Hen from the other animals to say sorry for not helping.

Making bread- We followed a recipe to make our own bread rolls. After they were baked we had them with butter and jam for our class breakfast.

This week we have based our activities around the fairy tale, The Little Red Hen. We have sequenced the story, spoke about the different characters, made handprint hens, sorted rhyming words, made paper plate hens, and made windmills. Have a look at our photographs and see how much fun we have had.

Some of the activities we have been part of this week.,

Some photos of our sensory activities this week. These included shaving foam, painting our hands and exploring the light toys.

We all worked as a team to marble runs together. It was tricky as it kept falling over but we got there in the end. Mrs Jones told us, 'Teamwork makes the dream work!'

This week our focus fairy tale was Hansel and Gretel. We spoke about what sweets we would put on our own gingerbread house. We then painted our houses as well, as used collage materials, to decorate a gingerbread house made from a brown paper bag. It was very good fun, and messy, making 'mini sweet houses' using biscuits, icing and sweets. Can you see who couldn't resist having a lick of their spoon on the photos? (Hehe!) Finally, we created pictograms in Maths to show the most popular colour of sweet in our bags.  

Some of the PSHE, Motional Theraplay activities that we have taken part in this week.

This week we read the story of 'The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. One activity we did was to create our own troll faces. Which troll face do you think is the scariest?

We completed a PE lesson with Mr Richards when we practised sending and receiving the foam javlins.

This week our focus text has been Jack and the Beanstalk. Whilst reading the story as a class we joined in and used different voices for the different characters. We practised our sentence writing by retelling parts of the story in our own words and thought about what each character might say.  During Maths we placed the beanstalks in size order measured how tall they were using cubes. We used chalks and finger paints to make pictures of our own beanstalks and planted some runner beans so that we can watch them grow in class over the next few weeks. Let's hope they were runner beans and not magic beans!

Curriculum information for parents- Have a look at what we will be covering this half term in Cherry class.

This half term our focus genre in English is Fairy tales. We will be reading a selection of different tales in our English lessons as well as during sharing these stories with an adult during our reading sessions. We will be learning about the different characters that appear in fairy tales, settings and what type of things can happen in fairy tales. 

Have a look at the power-point to find out more about fairy tales and can you guess the fairy tale from the clues?

Try to think about what is your favourite fairy tale and why? 

During one of our activities titled, 'All about me,' we made funny face biscuits. We followed the instructions to create our own face biscuits but the most enjoyable part was eating them or taking them home.  

Developing our fine motor skills during a dough disco session.

We have been getting to know our friends whilst taking part in structured play.

I would like to say a big welcome back to all the children at Willow Grove, especially the ones who are now part of Team Cherry! Myself and the staff in Cherry class look forward to meeting you all in the very near future and to start our learning journeys in Years 3 or 4 together.


Please keep an eye on our class web page as we will be uploading photos, work and information to keep you all informed about what we are getting up to in class. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions then please let us know by contacting us at school.


Take care, stay safe and see you all soon.heartsmiley

Mrs Jones