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Welcome to Beech Class! 

Here you can see what we have been up to so far this year. 






As part of our curriculum topic we looked at what Wigan is famous for... PIES AND PASTIES! We designed and created our own in class.

A special reward for one of our Team Beech members :)

We came up with interesting facts about ourselves when learning about biographies in our English lesson and told them to the class to see if they thought our fact was true or false!

We have written acrostic poems for our valentines at home, we also used our turn taking skills in a game of monopoly.

Here is what we have been up to today... we competed in a gym challenge, created and baked our own pizzas, played the game of life and then had a chill afternoon whilst eating our pizzas with our favourite treats.

Today Riley and Kalen tried out the new class walkie talkies and played the new card game - battle royale. They said they wanted to make their own pizzas tomorrow, so we have designed them today. They have picked their toppings, base and pizza type and have drawn it as well.

This week is national bird week, we have built our own bird feeders, to put seeds in and feed the birds at home in our gardens.

Today Kalen made old school retro cake, he measured the ingredients and mixed them altogether before baking in the oven and then decorating once cooled. He then went around his bubble and offered the children and staff a piece. Glad to see you back Kalen! :)

In our science topic SOUND we have been investigating different types of materials and if they are high or low pitched and if they are loud or quiet.

We have been looking at our home town Wigan, who is famous from Wigan and what it is famous for.

Carrying on with arts and crafts - making our own superhero costume

LEGO CHALLENGE: To make a bow and arrow out of Lego

We have all made bow and arrows today, we used them in our maths lessons to add up points.

Today Brody made his own bow & arrow out of wood and string in school.


Still image for this video

Beech Class New Year Resolutions

The boys have played great together creating games all afternoon, working as TEAM BEECH!

The boys worked together to re-create their favourite video game “Among Us”

Meadows Christmas Party 🎄

Decorating cakes - Christmas theme. We made a Christmas tree pull apart cake... It was really messy!

Home made Christmas decorations, Christmas colourings and a Christmas tree made from paper, following our topic on WW2

Beech Class Christmas Display - Winter Scene

Christmas display activities

Hammock Trust Activity

Hard at work in one of our mathematics lessons

As part of our theraplay we have made our own Oobleck!

Our hunt for Lady Mabel

We have designed and created our own Roman Shields