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While on our walk through Borsdane woods we collected some rocks, Shaun painted 2 of them and Brandon, Lily and mum painted the others it was so much fun 😁😁😁

Lovely walk through Borsdane woods, Shaun fell in the stream and just laughed it off and carried on so proud of him as it was such a long walk too 😁😁😁

Nolan's Rainforest

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Nolan has worked extremely hard making his own Rainforest

Shaun learning to ride his bike , so proud of him. Well done Shaun 😁😁😁

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Tyler has been having fun exploring the outdoors with his family. Climbing at Rivington, playing by the reservoir and visiting the beach.

Had a nice adventure in the woods today finding avengers plaques on the trees 😊😊

Lovely family walk today ❀ 😊

Shaun taught me (his mum) how to play chess today , he's a good teacher , he won too but it was a good game thank you Shaun 😊😊

Shauns bunting ready for VE day tomorrow 😊😊

Tyler got a surprise on Monday night - a new baby rabbit called Chibi. He has produced a lovely piece of writing all about her.

Shaun coloured these in beautifully so we can make some bunting 😊

Another book read beautifully today, and great remembering some of the words, well done Shaun 😊

Today Tyler made Subway and dough balls. He used his maths skills to work out the fractions we needed to cut of the dough. He used his measuring skills to measure the ingredients. He had lots of fun and learned new skills.

Shaun read these 2 books beautifully over the past couple of days, even asked me to get him some more 😊 so proud of him 😊

More baking today while the weather is dull, Shaun even measured out the ingredients 😊 well done Shaun 😊

Having fun in the garden with his brother with water balloons 😊

Tyler's amazing Maths

Tyler has done amazing today. He has his own maths book and he has worked so well to earn his rewards. Well done Tyler!!!

Here is some of the maths work Shaun has been doing 😊

Hello. I hope you have all had a lovely Easter break! Here are some of the things we got up to over the Easter holidays.

Hello there, hope you are well! Here are some of the photographs that we have managed to capture so far whilst at home. Best Wishes, L. Harrison-Scott

Tyler is enjoying making gems with his gem set.

Tyler has done amazing this morning and has written a letter to a girl in our street. He enjoyed doing an Easter egg hunt yesterday. He solved the clues with a little help and found Easter eggs in the dryer and Lego on his bedroom window! This weekend he has helped build a fire in the garden and played Uno with his brothers and he found an extra special surprise in the porch from the Easter bunny.

Shaun has been baking cakes.