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W.B 01.02.21

Wednesday 3rd February 2021: Today in school we'll be looking at who, who's and whose, see if you can figure out the right one to use.

Wednesday 3rd February 2021: Today in school we're looking at contractions- have a go!

Have a go at writing some super sentences using amazing adjectives.

Remind yourself about what adjectives are...

The Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl

Listen and then...
The crocodiles use words like 'tough', 'chewy', 'nasty', 'bitter', 'juicy' and 'yummy' to describe how children taste. Can you think of other words to describe different tastes?
Make a list of the adjectives that the other animals use to describe the Enormous Crocodile.
Can you find any similes in the story?
Write a news report about the events of the story, featuring interviews with the children and animals.
Plan a new trick that the Enormous Crocodile could use to catch some children. Could you write a new page for the book that includes this trick? How might it be defeated by one of the other animals?
Make some warning posters to encourage people to look out for a nasty crocodile who is trying to eat small children!
Can you find any examples of onomatopoeia in the story?

Test your knowledge of the 12 and 24 hour clock...

Use what you learnt about duration to help you solve these problems.

Have a go at filling in the missing time in these analogue and digital clock patterns.

Earlier and Later on an Analogue Clock - KS2 Maths