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Welcome to Rowan Class

We are so excited to welcome the children into the class. The class staff are Mrs Lockett, Mrs Smith and Miss Tracey. Over the year we expect to have lots of fun and learn some amazing new things. So please check back for plenty of updates.

Autumn 1

For the first half of this term we have not only been learning lots of new things in class but also building relationships with each other as we have lots of new children to the school.


In English this term we have been looking at different stories and poems. We have then written our own poem based on the great fire of London. The class had fun thinking about the different sounds, smells and sights they would have seen in order to complete their poems.

We have also been looking at following instructions and how we write them. We wanted to make bread so we taste tested some bought ones and then described how they were in smell, looks, taste and feel. We then made our own bread following the given instructions. The class had so much fun at every point of the activity and at the end got to taste and evaluate their own bread roll.


In art we have been using paint. We have looked at the colour wheel and what happens when we mix the primary colours. We have done tints where we added different amounts of white to a colour to see how it changed. We have done printing with different shapes and colours. How different music made us feel and also painted self portraits


For our topic this term we have been learning all about the great fire of London. We have looked at the details of the event and how it happened and also who Samuel Pepys was and what part he played. The class have learnt lots of interesting facts and done some great work on this topic.


In science we are looking at habitats. This includes looking at the animals and plants that live there. The children have looked at different types of habitats and what lives there. We have also been discussing the food chains that are involved in each different species. The class had fun trying to work out lots of different ones.


In theraplay this term we have been looking at friendship, and team work while having lots of fun. We have been talking about how we are all different but we are still part of the same team and this is what makes us unique. We have also been looking at our core strength and shoulder stability with lots of different exercises such as crab walking, bridges, shoulder circles, frog jumps and lots of floor work. The class had had lots of giggles doing this and have noticed that our muscles feel different during the exercises.

Autumn 2


In Maths this term we have had fun using the tin can ally game to do addition using hundreds tens and ones


In science we have been looking at the life cycle of both animals and humans. We made the life cycle of a frog which the class really enjoyed.


In D.T we made and decorated our own gingerbread people. The whole class had so much fun measuring all the ingredients and making the dough. Once they were cooled we all had fun decorating and then eating our gingerbread

Religious Education 

In RE we learned all about the history of Christmas. We then made our own christingle to celebrate and remember

In the last week of term the children had lots of fun activities to take part in. We had a pantomime in school that the whole school could enjoy. We had our Christmas nativity that the children took pride in showing to our families. We then had a whole school Christmas lunch together, the children got to interact with other children from around the school which they all enjoyed. Finally the class got to meet Father Christmas 🎅 and had so much fun giving him lots of hugs and all children received a gift from him. The children came home with lots of hand made decorations and lots of happy chatter after a very fun week. 

Spring 1


In English this term we have really been focusing on our sounswrite and how we blend our words. The children have had lots of 1:1 time with staff to help them focus on this. We have also really enjoyed our reading as individuals and as a whole class


In maths we have been working 1:1 with staff in order to improve our counting but also our times tables. We have used different thing to help us including counters, numicon and dinosaurs. 


In Science we are learning all about plants. The class each have their own runner bean that they are going to watch grow over the course of the term. We have looked at what they need to grow and the many different parts of the plant.


We have been looking this term all about the united kingdom and the different countries that are party of it. We have also looked at different cities and found them using a map and also found where we live. We have looked at different places that we could visit that are near Wigan and what is around us.

Spring 2


This term we are looking at Jack and the beanstalk in English. We have read the story as a class and have lots of fun activities based on the tale. We are even making our own beanstalk for the classroom 

Religious Education 

In RE this term we are looking at things that hold a special meaning. We have all brought in an item that means something us and discussed why it holds a special meaning. The class enjoyed sharing their stories with the others. We are then going to look at important symbols of Christianity and how they are linked to peoples faith.


In history this term we are looking at Wigan and we are learning all about the famous people here and what makes Wigan so special throughout history. We have been researching all about George Formby and the class have had fun finding all about who he was and what he was famous for.