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Welcome to Rowan class' home learning page.

While you are at home please keep busy with the activities below. We look forward to seeing you back in school ASAP. 

 Please share any work or photos with us at school by emailing them to: 


You have lots of activities for Maths, English and lots of other subjects assigned to you in your Purple Mash Account. Check it out each daysmiley


  Week beginning 14th June 2021

  • Maths, English, Topic, PSHE and Science are in your Purple Mash account. Call school if you have forgotten your login.
  • Have a go at your prodigy account each day to practise your mental maths. 
  • Spanish - 


    Week Beginning 15th March 2021


  • PE -  Do this body coach lesson. Have the Juice ready! 
  • Spanish - Revise Spanish food and Drink -  
  • Music - Have a go at making a song at Song-maker 
  • PSHE - Make a dream-catcher  - Watch the video below. What dreams would your dream-catcher catch?
  • For Fun- Spring is Springing! How many different types of birds can you see from your window? Use the chart below to check what birds are visiting your garden? 







How to Make Simple Dreamcatchers | Sophie's World

Legend has it that dreamcatchers act as spider webs for dreams, catching nightmares and allowing good dreams to pass through! Crafting expert Sophie Maletsk...