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Welcome to Willow!

  • Brilliant rainforest animal writing about what they have, eat and do.
  • The children used atlases to find the rainforests of the world and made a key.
  • They learned to draw snakes in detail.
  • They had lots of social activities sand play, Lego, imaginary play & top trumps too.

Under the sea

 We heard a 'Fidgety Fish' story by Ruth Galloway.


We found out that hermit crabs eat small fish & worms.  When they grow too big for their shell  they find a bigger one! We made clay octopi & paper crabs.


We also read the 'Rainbow Fish' by Marcus Pfister then made bottle fish and sharks.


We painted our own self-portraits.

Alphabet Puzzle


Lego Challenge

For today's Lego challenge we built a boat and tested it to see if it floats or not in a bowl of water.

Blake made the Titanic using junk modelling.

Learning about trees & plants at Jubilee Park

Jubilee Park
Looking at trees
We did bark rubbings; collected leaves & flowers!

World Book Day

We planted flower seedlings.

Christopher's Birthday

Still image for this video

We all did something brave at Three Sisters today!

How brave we all are!!!

School Tortoise

Yoda the tortoise!


Transparent or opaque?


Researching insects for Ant & the Grasshopper.
Fact finding!
Grasshopper facts!

Sand tray stories

Creating our own stories!

Telling the time

Learning how to tell the time.

Goals & achievements

Game 'balloon is lava' working in pairs & groups.
We made 3D cubes with Polydrons.
3D cubes we made.
3D cubes we put some toys in.

Topic Kings & Queens

We drew portraits of Queen Elizabeth I.
We used charcoal to create our portraits.
4th Nov today a magician visited school as part of our Hocus Pocus topic and showed us some tricks.


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7th November music lesson