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Welcome to Rowan class

with Miss Walsh, Miss Lewin & Mr Hurstsmiley

28th February 2022-

We’ve had a super busy first week back!

We have celebrated pancake day, world book day and a special 10th birthday, as well as fitting in our normal lessons!


We are looking forward to a fantastic term and continuing to work hard in Rowan class 👍



Pancake day in Rowan!

Spring 1 curriculum information

Happy Christmas from Rowan class!heart

In our science lesson we have been investigating bacteria. We discovered which area of our classroom was the dirtiest! We were surprised!


In our PE lesson we have been travelling over the equipment in different ways-balancing, crawling, jumping, climbing & swinging.


We have been learning our two, five & ten times tables in maths. We played times tables Bingo - who will be first to get a full house & shout “BINGO?”


In our English lesson, we looked at instructions and learned why it is important for them to be in the correct order. We made our own instructions then followed them to see if we could make a sandwich successfully!


We discovered lots of information about Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot. We produced some fabulous Bonfire night pictures & made chocolate apples!

We made Nebra Sky discs in Art. This disc dates back to the Bronze Age and represents something similar to a sun dial.

In History we have learnt about the Bronze Age. We had visitors in school who showed us artifacts from this period.