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Ms Fairhurst, Miss Cunningham & Ms High would like to welcome you to Willow Class

Autumn 1 

This was our classes’ Stone Age day. We had lots of fun exploring all the different things and discovering what it was like in the Stone Age. 

Autumn 2

In PE this 1/2 term we are doing gymnastics.

We have learned about travelling, balance, different ways of jumping and body control.

Look at our fantastic Christingles. 

In Science, we went on a walk around the school field and to Three Sisters to look at food chains. We even found the bones of a little mouse. 

Spring 1 

Week - 10.01.22

In science we are learning about sound and how it travels. We made our own string telephones and experimented with different lengths of string and how well they worked. The boys worked really hard on fair testing and working as a team. 

To welcome in 2022 we talked about the new year and what happened in 2021. We talked about our achievements and resolutions we could make for the new year. We made these lovely 2022 booklets so we can look back on them over the year and see how we are doing. 

In class this week we talked about our anger and how can manage it and what techniques we can learn to help us. We used the metaphor of a balloon popping when it’s too full and how that can be very similar to us when we are very full of different emotions, sometimes we just pop and that’s okay.

We have also talked about what resources the children can access in school when they are feeling a certain way to help the self-regulate. They worked really hard on exploring this throughout the week and with peers. 

Week - 17.01.22

In science this week we were learning about sound and how it travels and where it comes from. We explored vibrations of musical instruments in the music room and had a go at making our own. We are very proud of the instruments they all made. 

In R.E. we have been learning about The Creation Story and have been working really hard on understanding what was made across each of the 7 days of creation. We made our own worlds and as a class we made this lovely creation poem. We all thought about a word that described the seven days with a letter from the word ‘Creation’. Well done Willow Class! 

In English this week have been reading and learning all about the story Icarus as part of our learning of stories from familiar settings. We have all tried really hard on reading and understanding the story and we are very proud of their fantastic writing. Take a look at our brilliant sentence writing about the story Icarus.