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Ms Fairhurst, Miss Cunningham & Ms High would like to welcome you to Willow Class

Autumn 1 

This was our classes’ Stone Age day. We had lots of fun exploring all the different things and discovering what it was like in the Stone Age. 

Autumn 2

In PE this 1/2 term we are doing gymnastics.

We have learned about travelling, balance, different ways of jumping and body control.

Look at our fantastic Christingles. 

In Science, we went on a walk around the school field and to Three Sisters to look at food chains. We even found the bones of a little mouse. 

Spring 1 

Week - 10.01.22

In science we are learning about sound and how it travels. We made our own string telephones and experimented with different lengths of string and how well they worked. The boys worked really hard on fair testing and working as a team. 

To welcome in 2022 we talked about the new year and what happened in 2021. We talked about our achievements and resolutions we could make for the new year. We made these lovely 2022 booklets so we can look back on them over the year and see how we are doing. 

In class this week we talked about our anger and how can manage it and what techniques we can learn to help us. We used the metaphor of a balloon popping when it’s too full and how that can be very similar to us when we are very full of different emotions, sometimes we just pop and that’s okay.

We have also talked about what resources the children can access in school when they are feeling a certain way to help the self-regulate. They worked really hard on exploring this throughout the week and with peers. 

Week - 17.01.22

In science this week we were learning about sound and how it travels and where it comes from. We explored vibrations of musical instruments in the music room and had a go at making our own. We are very proud of the instruments they all made. 

In R.E. we have been learning about The Creation Story and have been working really hard on understanding what was made across each of the 7 days of creation. We made our own worlds and as a class we made this lovely creation poem. We all thought about a word that described the seven days with a letter from the word ‘Creation’. Well done Willow Class! 

In English this week have been reading and learning all about the story Icarus as part of our learning of stories from familiar settings. We have all tried really hard on reading and understanding the story and we are very proud of their fantastic writing. Take a look at our brilliant sentence writing about the story Icarus.

Week - 24.01.22 

In Geography this week we have been learning all about the Isle of Coll in the Scottish highlands. We have been exploring what we might find on an island and describing the features of an island. We have had great fun creating our own islands from junk modelling resources and the children have shown fantastic imagination. Have a look at our wonderful islands! 

This week we also did a vote for our new school council representative and we are very happy to announce that Jad won the vote and is now Willow Class school council representative. Well done Jad! 

In English this week have been finishing off our work on Icarus the story and the boys built this fantastic maze from Lego. They worked as a team and shared ideas really well, we are very proud of them and they are very proud of their achievement. Well done! 

Week - 31.01.22 


This week we have been learning about and celebrating Chinese New Year. We found out it was the year of the Tiger and we also found out what animal represented the year we was born. We watched a Chinese New Year parade and listened to the music. We then had a go at making music with similar instruments and gave it a rating. 

We also had a fun game of guess the picture and the children had to describe things about the picture for the others to guess. We then made our very own Chinese dragons, take a look. 

Willow class also did some fantastic Chinese number writing as part out Maths this week. We are super proud of their work as are they. 

In Art this week we have been learning about how to draw the human body. We watched a tutorial and then use pencil, charcoal and pastels to explore drawing with different materials. Check out what the fantastic art work! 

Also check out our clay pinch pots we made! 

Week - 07.02.22 and 14.02.22 


In Topic this week we have been finishing off learning about Antony Gormley and the statues he has created. We looked at the statues he created on Crosby beach and we had a go at making our own sculptures from clay. Check them out! 

In P.E. last week Jayden won star of the week, he was super happy and loved celebrating with his friends. Well done Jayden! 

Spring 2 

Week - 28.02.22 

A big welcome back to Willow class, we hope you had a lovely half-term. In school this week we had a lot of exciting things going on. On Tuesday we celebrated Pancake Day. We learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and why we celebrate it in the UK and what it looks like in other countries. We counted the toppings on our pancakes in Spanish and also measured the world record for the biggest pancake which was 15 metres long, and practiced our pancake flipping. 

On Thursday we celebrated World Book Day. We wanted to say a big well done to all the boys and their fantastic costumes. We did lots of exciting activities including a scavenger hunt around school to find clues in lots of books, we designed some really good tokens and took part in a name that story quiz! 

Here is our new feelings board in Willow class

Week - 07.03.22

This week in Science we started looking at Electricity and how circuits work. The children had a go at making a circuit with a battery, wires and a bulb. The whole class really enjoyed this experiment and were able to work in pairs and solve problems together. We even had a go at making propellers move! 

This weeks P.E star of the week is Luke, well done! 

Week - 14.3.22

Well done our two P.E stars this week who won the medal! 

Week - 21.3.22 

This week we have been finishing off our Science work on Electricity. We have been drawing our own circuit diagrams and labelling them. We are very proud of how hard they have worked. 

Willow class have really enjoyed learning all about the Anglo Saxons and what it was like to live in Britain all those years ago. We used books from the library and the internet to answer some important questions we had about Anglo Saxon life. Well done! 

WC - 28.03.22 

On the last day of term Willow class went on a trip to Haigh Hall. The children were absolutely brilliant and practiced skills like team work, communication and planning and organisation when den building, They also took part in a Easter chocolate hunt in the woodland areas and had some time on the park. They had so much fun and we are very proud of them. 

This week we also did bread tasting as part of our DT this term. All the boys had a go at trying different types of bread and then we even made our own individual types of bread. They all came up with some fantastic ideas and were all brilliant bakers! 

Summer 1 

WC - 18.04.22

Welcome back to Willow class we hope you have had a wonderful Easter break. This week the class voted for a new school council representative for this term and we the winner was Luke. Well done Luke! 

A big well done to Jayden who won the P.E medal this week for his efforts in cricket, being a good team player and celebrating the win with his friends. 

WC - 02.05.22


In History we are learning about The Vikings. This week we were learning about how the Viking’s  battled the Monks and the weapons they used. The children had a go at role playing battles and using similar weapons that they would have used. 

WC - 09.05.22 

In R.E. this week we have been learning all about prayer mats and we even had a go at making our own. This really tested our hand eye coordination and a our fine motor skills but the class did really well. Take a look at our brilliant prayer mats. 

In Science this week we have been learning about states of matter and how solids liquids and gases can change. We did a really cool experiment using an ice pop and watching it go from a solid to a liquid and then we heated it up to turn it into a gas. The class had lots of fun watching it melt and recording the temperatures with a thermometer. 

In History this half-term we have been learning about vikings. In our skills session this week we have been practicing Viking Rune handwriting and seeing if we could write our name and some Viking words in Rune. The boys did a fantastic job, check out the pictures below. 

WC - 16.05.22 

This week in Spanish we have been looking at fruits and how we say and write the Spanish words for some fruits. We got to taste some mango, watermelon and pineapple and used our Spanish dictionaries to find the Spanish way of saying them. They all really enjoyed trying the fresh fruit. 

In English this week we have been learning all about poetry and read the poem - A Dragon in the classroom. We read the poem about a class of children building their own dragon from stuff they found in the class. Willow class had a go at building their own junk model dragon and take a look at what we created. They all worked as a team and discussed what they would use and they are very proud of their achievements. 

WC - 23.05.22 

The last week of term we celebrated the Queens Platinum Jubilee. We celebrated British values, we did a picture collage of the queens profile and we had a go at drawing the queen. We are really proud of their efforts. On Friday we celebrated with a big school party and the boys in Willow class had a lovely tea party. Have a lovely half term. 



Summer 2 

Welcome to the last half term of the year. We have lots of exciting things planned for this term and we can’t wait to share them with you all. Our school council representative this term is JC.

WC - 20/06/22 

This week in Willow class we celebrated our first Sports Day in a couple of years! The children were so excited and we are so proud of all their efforts. Thank you so much if you managed to come along and if you couldn’t make it we have lots of photos for you to look at. 

While getting ready for Sports Day, we talked about team spirit and sportsmanship. We had a good think about what we might say to a team mate if they were having a tricky time or finding an activity hard. Check out this fantastic piece of work showing some things we could say to a friend. Mrs Murphy and Mrs Bolton were super impressed and we got some stickers for our hard work. Well done!

WC - 04.07.22 

The children had a fantastic trip to Martin Mere Wetland Centre. They did pond dipping and had an amazing time on the adventure playground. They did Willow Grove proud, take a look at our pictures below. 

WC - 18.07.22

This week was our Willow Grove’s Got Talent! There was some fantastic acts and we were very impressed with our two entries. A big well done to Luke and Malikai who won 1st place with their act of drawing. Take a look at the pictures below.