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Mr Finn, Mr Lucas and Mrs Lowe would like to welcome you to Ash class's homepage. Here you will find information about what we are learning about in the coming half-term as well as pictures and videos of us working hard. We will update this regularly so please keep coming back to see what we have been up to.


Here is this half-term's curriculum information. For previous ones, please click the link below.

Children have enjoyed learning about space. They have used paint to represent their own pictures of space.

Spanish - Children have been learning the Spanish for different fruits and vegetables. They had the chanced to try some Spanish foods.

Children have been working on team building and communication skills. Children worked in pairs to guide their blindfolded partner around the obstacle course.

Children enjoyed learning about exotic animals.

Children went onto the field and tried to attempt to make a camp fire by rubbing sticks together

Science - Space

Healthy eating week - During healthy eating week the children learned about various foods groups and made a healthy curry

Art - Children used bubble wrap to paint a tree. Children enjoyed experimenting painting with bubble wrap.

Children enjoyed learning time through play.


This term we have been working on techniques to help to build suspense in our story writing!




We made 3D shapes using lollypop sticks! Then we investigated the shapes; seeing how many faces, vertices & edges each shape had.


Some things we have enjoyed!




I’m from Wigan, Me!

Our topic work for Spring one is our locality, we researched the Wigan area, our own locations we are from and what’s in our local area.  We enjoyed creating Art work on Wigan rugby. 
We all enjoyed some snow, learning about shape & some computers too. We have enjoyed educational quizzes on Kahoot and doing some Purple Mash jobs too! 




Happy New Year

We started the New Year celebrating it and a special 10th birthday too. We all enjoyed sharing party foods & cake!

We all enjoyed a little Theraplay game called key stealer. We all taken turns to guard the key & protect it.  While the children all tried to steal it!


We learned about Christingle and what it represents, then we enjoyed making them ourselves.
Here are some examples of the Theraplay games that we have enjoyed this week; bubble pop & the hoola hoop game.
We were learning about understanding a range of emotions.

Christmas Bake Off 2020


We enjoy theraplay games and activities together and have some fun! This week we really enjoyed pretending to be asleep while we were tickled with a feather. 


We made our predictions then tested out if the temperature of water affected the bubbles.


We enjoyed creating skyline silhouette pictures together.
We started writing simple sentences, then we were asked to add more descriptions to make them better using adjectives and some children using fronted adverbials.
In our English we learned to write a story in first person.  We also all written a letter pretending we were soldiers in the war. 


We are working really hard in Maths to practice our times tables daily.  We have been challenging ourselves to beat our best time too!


In Maths we are learning subtraction using the column method.  We used deines cubes at first to help us.


We have been learning about different states of matter gasses liquids & solids.  We did a practical to show how the molecules are different.
We learned about the water cycle too and made our own models too.


We are learning about World War II.  Pictured above we have made poems and wreaths for remembrance day and skyline pictures too. 


We learned about the brain & made own models too.
We enjoyed learning about the Romans we made Roman mosaics.  We broken up tiles using a hammer and used them to make some Roman mosaic patterns.  We also built our own Roman buildings using junk modelling too.
We made different shaped columns using specific measurements.  We made predictions as to which was strongest.  Then we tested our shapes strength using books to check our predictions.

All About Me

The Children had fun making their Cubism style portraits based on Picasso.  They are learning 'all about me' this term.

School Tortoise

We are learning how to take care of a pet; we enjoy feeding & looking after Yoda the tortoise.


We played lots of games in class! One we enjoyed was Loopin' Louie as pictured here.

Baking biscuits

We all enjoyed getting a little messy and making shortbread biscuits.


Theraplay uses the therapeutic benefits of joyful play and sensitive care giving.  It is designed to enhance connection and mutual understanding; as well as strengthen our class relationships too.  

Group Play

We enjoyed playing tug of war together.


We melted chocolate and used our chosen cereal to mix it into to make our own version of Rice Crispy cakes.
We all made fairy cakes & decorated them with icing & sprinkles. 


We enjoyed making our own play dough & we use this as a sensory toy too.