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Autumn Term

Science - Living Things and Habitats. We talked about some of the different habitats that animals might live in; big or small, hot or cold. We then went and looked more closely at some habitiats in and around our school grounds. We used magnifying glasses to see the things we found more closely.

DT - Baking cakes for Macmillan. We talked about raising money for charity and why it is important. We had so much fun baking and decorating our cakes (we might have tasted a bit too!).

ART - we have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy and creating some land in the style of his work. We made some faces. Look how well we did!

Art - Kandinsky. We looked at some of Kandinsky's work and how it focuses on colours and shapes. We worked really hard on colour mixing and made our own colour wheels.

Art - Kandinsky. We then used our skills of colour mixing to make our own version of Kandinsky's 'Circles'

PSHE - Theraputic Stories. We read a story today that had a very important message. We learnt that some people can be mean and unkind to others which may hurt people's feelings. Bipley in the story explained how his heart was broken when people said mean things. We made some clay models of what our hearts look like when they are happy and what they look like when they are broken.

PSHE - Theraputic stories. We read another story about Mildred the Pea. Even though she looked the same as every other pea, she wanted to be different and wanted to follow her dream which was to open a tea shop. We had a think about what we are like / doing now and what we might want to be when we are older.

PSHE - Friendship. We decided as a class that friendship is really important. We try really hard in our class to be friends with each other. This is what we think a good friend should be.

PSHE - Friendship. We read the story 'Rainbow Fish' thinking about how Rainbow Fish made the fish around him feel before and after he decided to share his scales, then we did some activities around friendship.

PSHE - Friendship. We each chose 1 colour and made a handprint, we then had to shake hands with someone else so our colours mixed together and then make another hand print. Look at all the different colours we made. Our hand prints then went on our friendship tree.

PSHE - Likes and Dislikes. As a class we talked about things we like and things we don't like. We discussed how we have to have tried something first before we can say if we like or dont like something. We decided to be brave and try some some different and unusual fruits. Here is what we thought about them.

Likes and dislikes - what games do we like and why? We had a go at playing some different games as a class but decided that our favourite game was definately Pie Face!

PSHE - Is it ok to be angry? We thought hard about this question and decided it is ok to be angry. It is important to think about what happens in our body when we feel this emotion. These are some of the ideas we came up with.

PSHE - We looked at ways we can stay calm. We talked about how Yoga can help focus our minds and body. Look at some of our Yoga balances.

PSHE - We made sensory bottles as another tool we can use to help keep ourselves calm. We poured the liquid in ourselves and added things we like to make it interesting to look at.

PSHE - in our PSHE lessons we have been experimenting in messy play. We had lots of fun doing these activities