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Cedar 2

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Cedar 2 class!

Welcome to Cedar 2 with Miss Owen and Mr Fisher.

02/03/22 - Today we enjoyed painting masks during PSHE to investigate our feelings.

09/03/2022 - Today we learned all about the Battle of Hastings. We re-enacted the moment King Harold was shot with an arrow.

11/03/22 - Today we looked at the work of artist Paul Klee. We re-created some of his most famous work.

11/03/22 - Creating large shapes in Maths using smaller shapes.

15/3/22 - Labelling parts of a tree during Science

16/03/22 - CVC word and letter formation during English/Sounds Write

17/03/22 - Following instructions in English lessons to make play-dough.

28/3/22 - Following instructions to make Rice Krispie Cakes.

A well-earned, sunny Friday afternoon on the field!

26/04/22 - Creating 3D shapes based on their net.

05/05/22 - An amazing Music lesson. We learned to follow the pulse of music.

09/05/22 - Looking at objects that are significant to the Christian faith in RE.

10/5/22 - Using beakers, water and pictures to look at capacity.

16/5/222 - Looking at the fractions one half and one quarter in Maths.

19/05/22 - Practising our SoundsWrite and building up our skills.