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Welcome to Team Cedar!

Welcome to Team Cedar! Our team members are Mrs Brindle, Miss Riley, Miss Bridge, Cameron, Charlie, Ethan, Mollie-Lea and Taio!

Meet Team Cedar!

Meet Team Cedar! 1


In Spanish this week, we have been learning the names of fruits. We learnt how to ask for different fruits and used our knowledge of Spanish numbers to ask for different amounts.


We worked together as a team to play addition games.

In Topic we have been learning about Kings and Queens. This week we learnt that the Queen has her own ship to travel on. We wrote some facts about the Queen and then made our versions of a royal ship out of junk modelling.


Phonics 1
Phonics 2

In Phonics this week, we have been learning the 'th' sound and the different ways it can be pronounced. Cameron was the teacher for the lesson!


Time 1

In Maths this week we have been re-capping on time. We are starting to have a good understanding of o'clock and half past.


In Spanish this week we have been learning how to say what we do and don't like. We set up a Spanish cafe where we ordered drinks and gave our opinions on them.

Building Relationships

Prince Harry

This week we have been discussing current affairs. We talked about Prince Harry leaving the UK and looked at where he has moved to on the map.

My friends say I'm a good friend because...

In Jigsaw we have been thinking about what makes a good friend. We each had a piece of paper with our names on and everyone wrote a nice comment on every paper and folded it over. We sat down together at the end of the lesson and read all of the comments.



We had a discussion in Team Cedar about jealousy and how being jealous could make us feel. Team Cedar had lots of interesting ideas about what could make us jealous.


Phonics 1
Phonics 2

This week in Phonics, we have been learning the 'th' sound.

Science- Guess the Material!

In Science this term our topic is materials. We have done lots of work on different materials and their properties. We used all of our knowledge to pick different items out of a bag, whilst blind folded, and guess what material they were made out of just by using our sense of touch.


Football 1

We really enjoy playing football together in our structured play! We split ourselves into different teams each time and work together.

Samba Instruments

Samba Instruments 1
Samba Instruments 2

We really enjoyed building more musical skills and exploring Samba instruments.


Money 1
Money 2

This week we have been working on money in Maths. One of our jobs was to play money bingo in a group.

Guided Reading

Guided Reading 1

We read 'Everyone I see is luckier than me' together in a guided reading session. We discussed jealousy and our feelings as a group for PSHE.


In Science this term we are learning about materials. We had a mission to find and collect hard and soft materials around school. We found lots of things.

Charlie made his name using Model Magic!

Charlie made his name using Model Magic! 1

Spanish Three Kings Day

In Spanish we learnt about Dia de los Reyes (Festival of the Three Kings). We made our own roscón de reyes (Kings' Cake) out of donuts. They were yummy!

First Day Back!

We enjoyed our first day back at school today! We think Santa came to visit over Half Term and brought us lots of new toys.

Team Cedar wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Scene

Christmas Scene 1

Ethan tried really hard to make a Christmas scene out of junk modelling. He made Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the stable.

Nativity Craft

We made our own Nativity scenes using junk modelling.

Santa Spotting!

Santa Spotting! 1

This morning we heard footsteps and sleigh bells on the roof! We think it might have been Santa so went outside to investigate!


Nativity 1

Mollie-Lea was a fantastic Angel in the Nativity play!

In Music this week, we worked on following instructions and using a variety of instruments to play one song. We used the African drums, sleigh bells and tambourines to play 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.'

Christmas Fayre

We all worked as a team to make Christmas Eve bags to sell at the Christmas Fayre.


Spanish 1
Spanish 2

This week in Spanish we learnt numbers 1-5. We also learnt how to say Christmas present and decorated our own presents and Spanish gift tags.

We are really enjoying gymnastics in PE this term!

Sentence Structures

Sentence Structures 1
Sentence Structures 2

We have been doing work in English on how to build a sentence.


Still image for this video

We went on a trip to the local park in Ashton this afternoon. We had a great time playing football together and using the equipment.

Christmas Play-Doh Mats

We tried really hard in English today to use Play-Doh to complete the Christmas mats!


As part of our Topic this week, we looked at the artist, Kandinsky. We used paints to try to re-create our own versions of his work.

Bug Hunting

In Science we have been learning about animals and their habitats. We took our magnifying glasses and went to explore for ourselves!

Woodland Habitats

In Science we have been learning about Woodland habitats. We made our own habitats with junk modelling.

Salt Dough Elephants

This week in English, we have been reading the story, 'All in One Piece'. We worked in pairs to make our own salt dough and then made elephant faces with it.


We have been working on making our own CVC words in Phonics this week.

Picture 1

Cameron has worked really hard this week doing his jigsaws!

This week in English we have been learning about the Gingerbread Man. We have made our own gingerbread biscuits.

Graphs and Team Work

This week in Maths we have been working on statistics by collecting data and displaying our results in  graphs. We did a survey about eye colour around school and then put our results into a pie chart. We then worked as a team to play Uno together.

African Drums

African Drums 1

This term we have been learning simple rhythms on the African drums. We have also been learning call and response.

We have been looking at every day shapes and working on our cutting skills in Maths this week.

Story Writing

Story Writing 1
Story Writing 2

This week we have been reading 'The Gingerbread Man' in English. We wrote our own versions using storyboards.

Building Relationships

Children in Need

We have decorated Pudsey Bear biscuits to sell to raise money for Children in Need.

We used different materials in DT to make our own masks.

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day and why we have it. We made posters and poppies to decorate the classroom. We drew pictures and wrote a letter to a real soldier who is serving in Iraq and we had a 2 minute silence at 11am.

Bonfire Night

We worked together as a team to make our own Guy Fawkes for Bonfire Night. We also made our own firework pictures with paint and glitter.

An amazing Magician visited our class! We all got the chance to do our own magic!

Pumpkin Carving

We carved and painted our own pumpkins for Halloween!

World Smile Day!

World Smile Day with our very own selfie frame!

Life Caravan

We visited Harold the Giraffe and his friend Megan in the Life Caravan. We learned all about feelings and emotions.

Sound Bingo

Sound Bingo 1
Sound Bingo 2

In Boxall we have been working as a team to play sound bingo!


Space 1
Space 2

In English this week, we have been reading 'Planet Crouton' and 'Comet Meets the Solar Family'. We were all very interested in real life space and planets and did lots of research!

Andy Goldsworth

This week we have been learning about Andy Goldsworth's work again. We have made our own models using natural materials.

Macmillan Cake Sale

We worked as a team to make rice crispy cakes to sell to raise money for Macmillan. We also all took part in making bunting to decorate our Cedar Class stall.

In Topic we have been looking at where we live and things around us. We went around the school grounds and collected natural materials to create our own self portraits. The artist that we focused on was Andy Goldsworth. We enjoyed looking at his work.

Funny Bones

This week in English we have enjoyed listening to the story 'Funny Bones.' We created our own Mr Funny Bones, compared them and discussed the structure of a real skeleton.

Staff vs Kids Dodgeball Tournament!

Staff vs Kids Dodgeball Tournament! 1

We took part in a staff vs kids dodgeball tournament and made it to the final!

Writing time in Cedar.

Getting to know Team Cedar!

We have been enjoying making new friends in our brand new Team Cedar!