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Dinosaur Week

This week our theme was dinosaurs. We researched facts about different dinosaurs, and drew their footprints using chalk. As part of our craft afternoon we made salt dough dinosaur poo, which made our hands really messy. 

Jungle Week

This week we learnt all about the jungle and the rainforest. We made our own versions of snakes and ladders, adding lots of snakes. We then drew our own rainforest pictures using chalk. A very enjoyable afternoon craft was making clay models of different jungle animals. We spent one afternoon making them and then waited a day for them to dry so we could paint them the next day. Have a look at our photos to see us getting on with our activities and pur finished products.

Look at our space pictures. 'To infinity and beyond!'

This week we have been learning all about space. This has included the planets, stars and space travel. We made star-shaped biscuits and created our own moon playdough that looked like the night sky as it was black with glitter on.When talking about the planets, space travel and Neil Armstrong we made our own junk modelling rockets and used pastels and chalk to create space pictures. Below is a series of pictures showing how we got on with all these tasks.

For our fun Friday crafts we made starfish. We used orange paint, and added in sand to create a rough texture. Then we glued cheerios to make it look more like a real starfish.

We listened to the story "The Rainbow Fish" and crafted our own versions out of CDs and sticky bits!

We used wax crayons and watercolour paint to create under the sea pictures. Charlie's picture was, 'an underwater battle scene,' and Isaac described his picture as, 'an army of jellyfish and fish.'

We used celery to print scales and patterns on our sea creature pictures. We used the different ends of celery and in different ways to create different shaped prints.

We created our own Supertato superhero pictures.

On Wednesday this week Class 2 took part in a Sports Day on the field organised by Mr Carr. They all had a great time and took part in lots of different activities! 
This week has been all about Superheroes in Class 2! We have done lots of activities including designing our own superhero, outfit and special powers. We used the computer and created more characters online and completed Maths and English activities all around Superheroes. We used the Hamma beads to make our own emblem. Check out our photographs from this week. 
To finish off our week on life cycles we learnt about the frog life cycle. We spoke about the different stages and how long it takes for the egg (frogspawn,) to turn into a frog. We made a sequence wheel and made an edible cycle using fruit and vegetables.  

Making our frog life cycles

D&T Butterflies

Continuing our work on the Very Hungry Caterpillar we designed and made our own butterflies. Safely (and under grown up supervision!) we used the saws and sandpaper to make the butterfly body, and then decorated paper plates to make the wings. We were aiming to make symmetrical wings, following on from the symmetry work we did in the morning. 



We started this weeks' work on life cycles by watching The Hungry Caterpillar story. We spoke about how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. We created our own hungry caterpillars by printing using paint and by making paper chains. We had fun making our caterpillars as long as we could.   

Making our own hungry caterpillars.

This week we are learning about life cycles. We have some tadpoles in class to watch how they grow and develop into frogs

VE Day celebrations

After learning about VE day this week we finished on Friday with a day dedicated to celebrating it. We started by decorating the corridor and our class room with the colours of the Union Jack. Next we made our own army scenes using toys and sand, and had a mini-picnic at lunch. We learnt all about the sacrifices people made during the war and how important it is to say thank you and remember what happened. 

We are having a VE Day Celebration on Friday 8th May. We have been preparing by decorating our own VE Day themed plates and cups. The main colours we used were red, white and blue. 

Preparing for our VE Day celebrations

This week we are learning about VE Day as it is the 75th anniversary this year. During the war food was rationed and they had to make pancakes using water and not milk. We made normal pancakes which tasted 'yummy yummy,' and then we made wartime pancakes that tasted 'horrible like a sponge.'  

Comparing normal and wartime pancakes

We have made emergency vehicles using junk modelling materials. Can you guess which vehicles we have made? Miss Simpson joined in and made a police van. 
As we are talking about heroes this week we have been learning more about soldiers. We have made our own craft soldiers and recreated a battlefield in the sand tray. We made bunkers with the sand to protect the soldiers. 

Soldiers are heroes

Playing together in Class 2.