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Curriculum Information for parents

All our Year 6 children have made us proud with their efforts during SATs week. It was a tough week but you made it!

We had a lovely afternoon to celebrate with a BBQ, KFC and an afternoon of water play and games which everyone enjoyed, including the staff! Well done all of you :) 

Picture 1
Summer 1 Topic - Inventors and Inventions
After our lesson in understanding the process of making Lego and having a go at doing it ourselves, we then went on a trip to Legoland. A fabulous time had by all!


Lego 1 We discussed the process of making Lego
Lego 2 Melting the plastic ready for putting into moulds
Lego 3 Molding their plastic into their own shapes


Toothpaste 1 We made 3 different toothpaste recipes
Toothpaste 2 We then tested them to see which one was the best
Toothpaste 3
Toothpaste 4 Mixed reactions about the taste of them!
Summer 1 Science - Electricity
Picture 1 Daniel was pleased with the circuit he had made
Picture 2
Picture 3

Our school celebrated red nose day this year and raised money by making and selling cakes.

The children enjoyed taste testing!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3