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Curriculum Overview

Children come into Willow Grove School at any time during their school pathway and at any time during the school year.        Assessment and the use of existing information is vital in ensuring that the children are taught effectively and that gaps in learning are addressed.


The curriculum at Willow Grove is enhanced in the following ways:


  • A theme based curriculum
  • A whole school attachment and trauma friendly approach and use of strategies
  • A curriculum that incorporates relationship based learning
  • Daily PSHE lessons and the Jigsaw scheme of work
  • Access to class based Positive Play incorporated into our curriculum offer
  • Access to the School Counselling Project
  • A developing Theraplay whole school offer
  • Offer of support from our experienced Family Partnership Team
  • Explicit teaching of social situations, such as meal times, play times and less structured times
  • The use of Themed Weeks and Themed Days throughout the year
  • On-going development in the use of data to support the emotional and mental health development of our children
  • An additional physical education offer to support the physical co-ordination and the development of core body strength
  • Close work and support from a Speech and Language Therapist to ensure we provide a communication friendly environment
  • All children are offered the chance to take part in all aspects of school life 
  • Increased access to Paediatric services


RE is taught across the school; it has been adapted from the Wigan Borough Scheme of work and tailored to suit the needs of the pupils in our school.


The main reading scheme used in school follows the Sounds Write phonics. This is supplemented with a wide range of other reading schemes to ensure that children are engaged with the reading process and are given materials which will motivate them.


Sounds-Write is a quality first phonics programme. Its purpose is to provide classroom professionals with a comprehensive system with which to teach reading, spelling and writing.


To find out exactly what is going on this half term, go to the class pages where class blueprints and curriculum information for parents can be found.

3 Year Blueprint

We are currently working from YB on the Curriculum Blueprint.