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Willow Class enjoyed a trip out to the Three Sisters. We had a drink in the cafe, walked around the lake and then played on the park.

Alfie really enjoys our science lessons, so today he brought in his microscope from home and rock samples to show us. He enjoyed looking at the rocks through the microscope and telling us about them.

This week in Spanish we have learned the Spanish word for Elephant. We recapped on out colours and numbers and used this to colour different amount of squares in different colours on our elephant pictures.

Today we have been learning about Robert Wyland. The boys thought the paintings were really good. We could see that he liked to paint underwater pictures. His paintings were of real underwater creatures. We loved the colours that he used. We talked about the size of his paintings on buildings and walls and we used blue and white paint to make tints.

On Friday 7th May. Willow class took part in The Race for Life. The boys wrote message and stuck them on their backs, they then ran laps around our MUGA. The boys did very well and really enjoyed running with their friends.

We have been looking at sharing in Maths today. The boys used play dough to share the items between objects.

In English we looked at the story of Baba Yaga, We listened to the story and then using props we acted out the story.

Today is English we looked at the story of the The Magic Paintbrush. We wrote the story in our own words, did sentence building and drew pictures of the golden mountain from the story.

Our Science work this half term is on light. The boys enjoying making shadows in the sun outside.

Maths work

Willow class have been joining in with Joe Wicks while they have been in school.

Willow class have been enjoying learning to play chess. Some children already knew how to play so have been helping the other children to learn the game.

This week is Road safety week, we have done lots of activities to help us understand road safety.

We have been looking at 3D shapes in maths this week, the boys have made 3 D shapes out of different things.

We made a wreath for remembrance day. We used hand prints for the leaves and then coloured in poppies to stick on them.

Adrian and Taio had a lovely time playing with the marble run together during group play in the morning.

We continued to look at plants in science and we started to grow our own. We will update the website as they grow.

The children have noticed the tree outside our classroom and how it has been changing, we took a photo of it and decided to take weekly photos to see how it changes over the seasons.

In science this week, we looked at plants. We painted plants and named and labelled the main parts. We also compared and contrasted two different flowers.

We have been looking at Bonfire night this week. We made bonfire out of tissue paper and lolly sticks, painting by numbers and made our own firework safety posters.

We discussed our feelings over our self isolation, We drew pictures of what we have been doing and how this made us feel.

In DT we looked at sashes and who wears them. We looked at why people wear them and which would be the best way to make our own sashes. We designed them first on paper and then made our own sashes to wear. We used different materials and different ways of sticking to make the sash. We recorded all of our information about sashes and evaluated them at the end.

Elbows and Knees

Still image for this video
In English we have been looking at poems. The children really enjoyed this poem and wanted to act it out.

In our jigsaw lesson, we talked about our responsibilities to each other . The children thought of their own ideas, and we then drew around the children and wrote the responsibilities on their drawing.

Willow class have been reading the story of Hansel and Gretel this week. We made our own gingerbread houses using real sweets!