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BBC Geography/Maths - Using Maps

Watch this very interesting video which will help explain how we use grid references in real life.
You're always asking why we need to learn certain things in Maths...well here you go! Learning about coordinates and grid references is a vital life skill for the future.

This shows a simple map- a route from point A to point B. Could you take some scrap paper and draw a route from your house to school? Or your house to a friends home? Your house to the shops?

How to take a 6-figure grid reference with Steve Backshall and Ordnance Survey

Get outside champion and naturalist Steve Backshall shows you the importance of reading and taking 6 figure grid references.
Have a watch as it will help you will the task below.

Reading and writing four and six figure grid references

Plotting coordinates in all 4 quadrants of a grid...a quick re-cap.

Here you will learn how to plot co-ordinates in all 4 quarters of the coordinate grid and be able to revisit our learning from a few weeks back.

Coordinates using the 4 quadrants

This video recaps some of the basics facts needed for plotting coordinates. It begins showing how to plot coordinates in the 1st quadrant and then moves on to looking at plotting in all four quadrants. A really good video with clear instructions to help you!

Battle ships! Play this game with a partner to improve your knowledge of coordinates.

This week in Maths we are looking at position and direction.

Today we'll start by plotting points on a coordinate plane (quadrant 1)