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Joe's Jungle Hair By Paul Aldridge & Jon Cooper

Joe's hair is getting out of control. When his parents say it must be cut, Joe escapes and causes mayhem wherever he goes. Can Joe survive with his hair intact!
After listening to the story try to answer these questions on scrap paper:
1. Do you think the hair is heavy? If so, why?
2. How is his mane described?
3. What animals in the zoo does his hair scoop up?
4. What modes of transport does he use to try speed up his escape?
5. When he lands on the windmill- how do you think he felt? How do you think the other people/animals in his hair felt at that point?
6. How does Joe feel when he sees what has happened to his town?
7. Does it take just a hairdresser to cut his hair?
8.How do you think Joe feels at the end of the story once all his hair is removed?

Do unto Otters.

Do unto Otters; a book by Laurie Keller about manners and how we should treat our neighbors and friends. After listening to the story think about:
1.A time you have used your manners and how it made you feel.
2. Why is Mr Rabbit concerned about his new neighbours the otters?
3. What does it mean to be honest?
4. Can you think of a time that being honest helped a situation?
5. Can you think of a time you apologised and how it made you feel? Did it help a situation?
6. Write down a list of things you will do to be kind and considerate towards others.