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Week 4: 15.03.21

Tuesday/Wednesday- Geography | KS1 | KS2 | Maps | BBC Teach

Watch this clip before Thursday's topic lesson where we will be looking at maps in a lot more detail, We have looked at maps of the UK, England and the North West. We will now now be focussing on maps used for a much smaller area.

Tuesday-Topic- last week we looked at the countries which make up the UK and then we looked at the counties which make up England. We discovered that we live in Greater Manchester- the North West. Use google maps to try add red dots to where these following places are: Manchester, Wigan, Liverpool, Haigh Hall, Winter Hill, Preston, Manchester airport and Blackpool.

Monday- Science- How animals adapt to their environment | BBC Teach Live Lesson

After watching this clip, think about the following questions: How is a hedgehog adapted to its environment? How could a swan be better adapted to its home? How have elephants adapted to living in the Savannah? Are humans adapted to their environment, if so, how? How is a whale adapted to the ocean? Could a crocodile survive in the arctic, why or why not?

Tuesday- identifying right angles in 2d shapes.

Tuesday: types of Angles | Obtuse, Acute, Right, & Straight Angles

Today we'll be focussing on different types of angles, pay particular attention to the section on right angles.

Tuesday: Use this mountain to help you map out what your character will be doing at different points in their adventure.

Tuesday: Writing an Adventure Story...

Watch this clip to get an idea of how we can easily structure an adventure story.

Monday: An adventure story usually has a main character who decides to go on an adventure. They could go to space, the rainforest, back in time, to the mountains etc...what would you main character be called? Male or female? Brave or shy? Use this template to decide what your main character will be like.

Adventure stories! This week in English we'll be focussing in more detail on adventure stories. Treasure Island is a very famous adventure story. Please listen to this story and think about who goes on the adventure, where do they go, why do they go, what problems do they face, how do they resolve them and what is the ending like?

Treasure Island: A story from Ladybird Classics audio

Monday: Have a go at this after watching the clip.

Triangles- Equilateral, Isosceles, Scalene, Acute Triangle, Right Triangle and Obtuse

This week in Maths we're starting by looking at different types of triangle- watch this clip to help you understand the different ways of classifying them.