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Topic and Science tasks

Have a look at this home- it's designed to be safe when floods hit. Some areas are hit by floods more frequently than others. Can you design a home for a heavily flood hit area?

Having watched the video about drought, have a think about what a direct effect is and what an indirect effect may be. Something that happens as a direct result and then things which happen as a result of that...

Drought - what is it?

Think you know what a Drought is? Did you know there are different kinds?
After watching this clip think about what effects drought can have on a town...

Have a go at jotting down some of the effects which you think flooding can have.

Geography | River Flooding | BBC Teach

This short film expands on what we already know about flooding. Think about the effects that flooding can have on homes, people, animals, land etc...

This week in topic we're looking at floods and droughts. We'll look at what causes them, where they occur and how land is affected.

What are floods? What do they do? How do they originate? Are they destructive?
Watch this clip and think about what new knowledge you've gained.