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Willow Grove Primary School.


Hello and welcome to our school website.

At Willow Grove School we strive to provide the very best for your children.  We are a friendly school that knows the importance of making the school environment just right for the children that need it the most. 

We offer a skilled team of staff who are constantly striving to give support in a variety of creative ways.

We work hard, sometimes over long periods of time, to develop relationships that are strong, understanding and tolerant.  In doing this we build the trust that leads to social, emotional and positive mental health growth.

As the Head Teacher of this school I am really proud of the hard working staff and of what our children can do and achieve.


If you want to know any more about us then browse through our website.  If that doesn't answer all of your questions then please give us a call at school and our admin team will be happy to support you further.


01942 727717 and ask for Mrs Nicholls or Ms O'Neill


Thank you 


Joanna Murphy

Head Teacher