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Curriculum Information for Parents- Autumn 1 2020

 Team Elm went for a walk around the field and got up close to nature. We used our photography skills to capture every detail of the beauty around us. Then we chose our favourites to print and used the twigs we collected on our walk to create frames for them. Here are our finished photographs on display in our class.

Caterpillars at work! Week 1

Caterpillars at work! Week 2

 We have some new additions to Team Elm... caterpillars! We have made them a warm home and are nurturing them during their transition to a chrysalis then to a butterfly. They have already changed so much in the week that we have had them! If you visit our page each week, you will see the changes take place. 

The Team Elm Mud Kitchen

 Team Elm have been preparing a Mud Kitchen for our outdoor space. They have created signs and started painting the pallets. Look again next week to see our progress.