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Spring 2

Music - Yesterday we had lots of fun playing musical instruments and keeping the beat to the tune!

Willow Grove’s Race for Life, last Friday Cedar class took part in the Willow Grove Race for Life! We had lots of fun and raised money for charity!

PSHE - This morning in PSHE we have done our special sensory play and used our special finger paints to paint a picture using our finger tips! We had so much fun!

Science - This week in science we have been learning about absorbing materials. We had lots of fun experimenting with different day to day materials.

Special Guest Uki the tortoise has been to visit us in Cedar class this week!

PSHE - Today in PSHE we have done sensory play and been practicing using our fingers for finger painting.

This week we have been learning about recycling and how we can help the people environment by recycling materials such as plastic. We have had so much fun making junk models!

Intervention - In Intervention this week we have been practicing climbing and using different muscles in our bodies.

Maths - In Maths we have been learning all about capacity. We really enjoyed playing in the water and looking how much water we could put in our measuring containers.

English - In English this week we are learning all about different Superhero’s and exploring the different powers they have.

Intervention - In intervention this week we have been practicing our hand eye co-ordination and practicing following instructions.

Intervention - in intervention this week we have done a giant obstacle course and had so much fun practicing our hand eye coordination and our jumps!

In English this week one of our stories was ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Cedar class enjoyed baking and all children helped to follow a recipe. The biscuits tasted AMAZING 👍

Within PSHE this week we have enjoyed Sensory Play and we certainly enjoyed making a mess!

Team Cedar enjoyed ‘Red Nose Day’ and had a fun Theraplay session.

Playtime - At play time today we got out the Dinosaurs and matched them up to the Dinosaurs in the book and discussed their different super powers.

Structured play

Intervention - In Intervention this week we have been practicing our reaction times using tennis balls.

PSHE - This week in PSHE we have been learning about key workers and what a brilliant job they do, looking after us all.

Physical Education - This week in PE we have been learning our left and rights, practicing our jumps and our balancing skills.

Structured play - This week in structured play we have been doing finger paintings, playing at the toy farm, castle and making lego.

English - English this week, we have been looking at the books with the same author - David Walliams. We have made bookmarks for ‘World Book Day’ and laughed at the stories covered this week. 

This week in P.E we have been learning how to balance on different equipment and practicing our left and right.


We enjoyed finishing our ‘SUPER HERO’ training this week and used all of our skills to move in a variety of ways. 

PSHE ~ Physical development

For PSHE we worked on following directions. We had stickers on our engine hands and followed the instructions given. This was fun. 

In English today we read ‘The First Hippo on the Moon’. We drew pictures from parts of the story and painted a picture of space.

We worked on our hand-eye coordination skills and building relationships with throwing and catching in PSHE today.

PSHE structured play

PSHE structured play

In our Sunshine Circle today we played ‘Guess the Shape’ on our hands and ‘Key Stealer’.

In PSHE we talked about things we like and things that make us happy. We discussed how these things make us different.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played ‘Copy the Action’ and ‘I Spy’.

We completed our blob trees in PSHE today.

We dressed up for our Superhero training in our PE intervention today.

Structured play in PSHE

We did Superhero exercise today!

We played a Chinese New Year Maths game.

Airon has completed Unit 6 of the Sounds Write Programme! Well done, Airon!

We are really proud of Airon for completing all of his home learning.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played ‘Copy the Action’ and ‘Musical Hugs’.

We made Lego bird houses for National Bird Week.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played ‘I can see someone special.’

We are really proud of Airon for completing all of his home learning!

We made bird art for National Bird Week.

We enjoyed using our outdoor gym equipment today!

We used chalk to make owl pictures.

We painted bird feeders for National Bird Week!

Daniel worked really hard in Phonics today.

We used the internet to research owls.

In our Sunshine circle today, we had to balance the teddy on our heads and watch Miss Riley careful for the secret signal to tip him off. We had to pay close attention because she kept tricking us! We also touched toes and worked as a team to roll together without losing contact.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we made ourselves into bridges and crawled underneath the long Team Cedar bridge. Miss Riley tried to knock the bridges down by tickling us with a feather!

Story time in Team Cedar.

In DT/English today, we made the products that we have designed.

In Computing today we learnt about coding.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played ‘Round and Round the Garden Like a Teddy Bear’ and ‘Popping Kernels’.

In Maths we started to started to recognise coins and their values.

We watched 3 advertisements and discussed and compared them. We talked about what we did and didn’t like.

In English this week we have been reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’. We weaved our own fruit and vegetable baskets.

In Maths we made fairy cakes to fit in with our Fairy Glen topic. We discussed the importance of following a recipe and measuring out ingredients. We also discussed time and worked as a team.

In English we had fun playing a phonics game.

In our intervention session we worked on den building skills and teamwork.

We have been learning about Coronavirus and keeping ourselves safe.

We looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s famous painting, ‘Starry Night’ and explored using acrylic paint to create different textures.

Team Cedar/Alder are the winners of the whole school Christmas cake competition!

Jaxson enjoyed our mini disco after our Christmas dinner!

Still image for this video

We enjoyed our Christmas Dinner in our Christmas jumpers.

We worked as a team to make our Christmas cake for the school cake competition.

We created a body map of how our body parts felt and created a feelings stamp.

We discussed how colours can be related to our feelings. We designed our own little worlds with all of our feelings inside.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played ‘round and round the garden like a teddy bear’ on our hands. We then all turned into popcorn cooking until we exploded!

We decorated our clay Christmas candles today in RE.

We made stained glass windows in RE today.

In PSHE today we discussed how different colours can represent different emotions, e.g. yellow could be excited, black could be mad.

In PSHE today we made a giant paper chain to decorate our classroom.

In Theraplay today we passed around compliments to our friends. We also played blindfolded friend guess.

In Art today we used clay to make Christmas candle holders.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played row, row, row your boat. We talked about things that we disliked and punched the pillow and then talked about things that we liked and hugged the pillow.

In RE today we discussed Chanukah traditions and their meanings. We talked about fun ways Jewish children celebrate Chanukah and identified similarities and differences between Chanukah and Christmas.

In our PE intervention today we played the floor is lava. We used our climbing skills to avoid the lava!

We worked as a team to make different parts of a Christmas street scene for our Christmas Hall display.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played human bowling.

In PSHE today we talked about times when we have been unkind to others. We discussed how this made us feel when we were unkind, how they might have felt when we were unkind to them and what we could do to make it better.

In Science today we went back to our hidden bug hotel to find out if any mini beasts had moved into the habitats that we made for them. We found some different creatures!

In RE today we talked about Chanukah traditions and their meanings. We talked about fun ways Jewish children celebrate Chanukah. We played the Dreidel game and made our own Dreidels.

In RE today we made our own Dreidels.

In Theraplay today we played pass the silly face and how many ways can we walk!

We finished making and decorating our bridges for DT.

We have been outside in Science using magnifying glasses to explore and find microhabitats. We used some natural materials to build our own big house.

In PSHE today we read the therapeutic story, ‘How Hattie Hated Kindness’. We used Play-Doh to make faces associated with kindness and characters from the story.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played musical hugs. We danced to the music and when it stopped we had to find a partner to hug. We finished the game with a group hug!

We used pieces of wood to make our bridges in DT.

Ethan worked hard to make a wooden bridge today in DT.

Ethan discussed the bridge that he made in DT.

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Jaxson discussed the properties of different materials and which ones would be best suited to build a bridge out of in DT.

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In our PE intervention today we used the crash mat and crawled under obstacles.

In Sunshine Circle today we had to guess who was tickling us with feathers. We finished our Theraplay by having a feather party with raining feathers.

We used Purple Mash to make Pudsey Bear for Children in Need.

In Art today we explored Vincent Van Gogh’s landscape artwork. We noticed that he uses lots of bright colours. We painted our own landscape Van Gogh inspired pictures using watercolours.

We re-read ‘The Sea Who Went Away and Never Came back’ in PSHE today. We thought about special places that we have visited with people who we miss or mean a lot to us, and made models of things that we would find in these places.

Ethan and Daniel had a lovely time sharing books together for free reading.

We have done lots of work this week about Remembrance Day. We learnt about why we celebrate it and why we wear poppies. We were all very respectful and sat quietly for a 2 minutes silence around a candle with our poppy wreaths.

We made our own cenotaphs to remember the soldiers who died at war.

We made poppy wreaths for Remembrance Day.

In PSHE today we read a therapeutic story called, ‘The Sea Who Went Away and Never Came Back’. We discussed how we would feel if we lost someone or something special to us forever and what we would do to remember them. We drew pictures of something/someone that we would miss if it went away.

In Topic today we have been learning about the war. We explored some posters, books, a bomb and a gas mask. We can still smell the gunpowder inside the bomb!

In our Sunshine Circle today we each changed something about ourselves and had to guess what was different.

In Jigsaw we discussed our opinions on if boys and girls are equal. We separated activities into things for only girls and things for only boys. We realised that boys and girls are equal and can do any activities that they like.

We celebrated Bonfire Night today! We used our new fire safety skills to make sure we were extra careful when we used a gas fire to toast marshmallows and make smores. We loved writing our names and drawing pictures in the air with sparklers.

Ethan has been working really hard in phonics this week and is now moving onto reading and writing words with 3 sounds!

In Art today we were learning about Vincent Van Gogh. We were exploring our brush stroke skills and using the same colours as the famous painting, ‘The Starry Night’.

In PSHE today, we learnt about water safety.

In Science today we have been identifying and classifying whether things are living, dead or never alive.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played copy the action and musical hoops.

In RE today we have been learning about celebrations. We focussed on Chinese New Year. We listened to and discussed the story and then worked as a team to put the zodiac calendar in order.

Yoda came to visit us today.

We used chalk to draw our own firework display.

In PSHE today we learnt about stranger danger.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played blow football and tried to fix our magic carpet by washing, drying and polishing it.

We made our own bonfires with our handprints for Bonfire Night.

Halloween break out in our Sunshine Circle.

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In our Sunshine Circle today we played pass the monster. When the music stopped if we were holding the monster we had to pretend to be a scary Halloween character.

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We had a Halloween themed Sunshine Circle today. We played pin the nose on the witch.

We worked as a team to solve clues to find Mr Funnybones’ bones and piece him back together again. He left us a special Halloween treat for fixing him!

We worked as a team to measure the broomsticks using a ruler.

The finished products all ready for our Halloween party!

Today we planned how we were going to make our pumpkins, gave them names and designed what they were going to look like. We couldn’t wait to get our hands dirty and carve our pumpkins.

In Jigsaw today we played spooky bingo.

In Jigsaw today we did a Halloween themed yoga session!

In our PE intervention today we used the climbing frame.

In Jigsaw today we did a spooky Halloween themed yoga session.

In maths we collected and measured leaves and put them in order from smallest to biggest.

We had fun playing musical statues and musical bumps at our reward party!

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We have worked really hard as a team this week to complete all of our jobs and make good choices every single day to earn a class party at the end of the day! Well done Team Cedar!

In Jigsaw today, we did Minecraft yoga!

In Jigsaw today we took part in Sonic yoga.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played match the shoe. We all wore one of our shoes and had to find our friend’s shoes to make matching pairs.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played musical hoops and musical statues.

In maths today we made moon sand.

In our Sunshine circle we played guess who hugged you and we had to guess the picture drawn in the lotion on our hands.

We made rockets out of junk modelling.

We made a skeleton from the Funny Bones story in English and discussed why we have bones.

In yoga today we took part in a pet show!

In our PE intervention today we used our listening skills and bodies to go over and under obstacles.

Today we did our first yoga session. We used yoga positions to go on a farm yard adventure.

In our sunshine circle today we passed the cone on our heads and guessed who the feather tickler was.

In our Sunshine Circle today we copied each other’s actions and used our different body parts to pop bubbles.

In our Sunshine Circle today we painted our faces as different characters from our favourite stories using cotton wool balls.

Jaxson tried really hard in phonics today.

In our Sunshine circle today we played feather pass. This time we passed a feather and a cotton wool ball to our friends using a pillow.

Ethan’s space story

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Airon’s space story

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Daniel’s space story

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We used who, what, when, where and why bags to plan our own space stories in English.

In Jigsaw we discussed good and bad choices that we can make in the classroom.

In our Sunshine Circle we blew feathers to each other and tried to catch them. Then we had lotion on our hands and had some relaxation time imagining we were on a beach.

In our Sunshine circle today, we passed around funny faces, clapping hand patterns and had a cotton wool snowball fight.

In our Sunshine Circle today we played swapsies where we had to swap places with different people in the circle. We also played car wash! We had bread sticks for our sensory snack and worked as a team to make a massive crunch!

In our Sunshine Circle today, we played the peanut butter jelly funny voices game and the traffic light game.

We explored the Sensory Room today and tried new ways of relaxing.

We painted pictures of our favourite part of ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’ in English today.

In our Sunshine Circle today, we tested our listening ears and worked as a team to play ‘motorboat, motorboat, go so slow/so fast.’ We enjoyed speeding up!

In Jigsaw we discussed helpful and not helpful behaviours and responsibilities.

We explored the Music Room and tested out some of our instruments.

Ethan enjoyed free reading today.

We decorated our houses for our DT project.

In Theraplay today, we played Simon Says and decorated ourselves with smelly stickers.

In PE we have been following directions.

We evaluated our designs for our DT and English projects.

We used the research on materials that we have done to choose the best materials to build our house. We then used junk modelling and materials to make them for our English and DT project.

As part of our English and DT topic we planned and designed the houses that we want to build.

In English today we have been exploring different types of materials and discussing which ones we would like to use to build our own house just like the Three Little Pigs. This is linking to our DT Curriculum.

This afternoon we replayed the barrier game with a twist! This time Ethan was our instructor.

In Theraplay we drew the weather on our backs and worked as a team to pass a balloon around the sunshine circles using different parts of our bodies.

Daniel has been matching sounds and pictures in English today.

We really enjoyed Theraplay today floating on our magic carpets.

In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes.

We talked about different kinds of houses and why we would or wouldn’t like to live in them.

In Theraplay today we painted our faces with feathers and played human swings. We really enjoyed today’s session.

In messy play today we explored edible beaches, frozen fingers and tasty fruits!

In Theraplay today, we made ourselves into wraps!

In PE today, we learnt how to throw javelins.

We made treasure boxes in English for our pirate theme this week.

We have been tracing shapes in maths today.

In messy play today, we explored custard, sparkly rice and frozen vegetables. We loved test tasting everything, especially the custard.

We practiced our cutting skills in Maths today. We sorted shapes and colours.

We made our own treasure chests in English today.

In messy play today we explored natural materials, jelly and slimy spaghetti. Our favourite was the jelly.

In Theraplay today we measured our big muscles and made wind with our hands to pass the cotton balls to each other. We finished with our special secret handshake!

Daniel enjoyed collecting leaves and flowers for our sensory play.

Daniel and Jaxson have worked together to build a fort in all of their playtimes today. Great teamwork boys!

In messy play we have explored melted marshmallows and chocolate, edible paint and made models with junk modelling.

In Theraplay today we tested how strong our pointy fingers, pinky fingers, thumbs, fists, choppy hands and feet are!

In English this week we are reading stories about pirates. Today’s story was ‘Pirates Love Underpants’. Cedar class found this very funny 😁 . We worked on using scissors appropriately and accurately and we wrote a sentence related to the story.

In messy play today we explored angel delight, scrambled egg and Hulk snot! We didn’t like the scrambled egg. It was so smelly!

In Theraplay today we made children pizzas and played our favourite game, break out!

In messy play today we explored magical ice cubes, potato printing and whipping foam.

In Theraplay today we made foil Hulk hands and had thumb wars. We found that all of our hands look different and we all have different strengths.

Our first PE lesson.

In Sensory Time today, we explored Playdoh, mud and dinosaurs, and grated soap, water and tissue paper. Our favourite was the mud!

In Theraplay today we balanced pillows on our feet and tried to stand on a tall tower of pillows.

Sound Bingo

We are trying really hard with our pencil control.

We painted the Great Fire of London in English.

We enjoyed our first PE intervention this morning!

Sensory Time

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We wrote some key words.

Daniel loves playtime with Team Cedar!

We made pictures and shapes using Tap-a-Shape.

We used our threading skills to make dream catchers.

We can write our own names!

How are you feeling today?

We discussed how we thought each of the blobs on the blob tree might be feeling and chose which one each of us was today.