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Mrs Brindle, Miss Riley, Mrs Plumbley, Airon, Daniel, Ethan and Jackson

In Theraplay today we painted our faces with feathers and played human swings. We really enjoyed today’s session.

In messy play today we explored edible beaches, frozen fingers and tasty fruits!

In Theraplay today, we made ourselves into wraps!

In PE today, we learnt how to throw javelins.

We made treasure boxes in English for our pirate theme this week.

We have been tracing shapes in maths today.

In messy play today, we explored custard, sparkly rice and frozen vegetables. We loved test tasting everything, especially the custard.

We practiced our cutting skills in Maths today. We sorted shapes and colours.

We made our own treasure chests in English today.

In messy play today we explored natural materials, jelly and slimy spaghetti. Our favourite was the jelly.

In Theraplay today we measured our big muscles and made wind with our hands to pass the cotton balls to each other. We finished with our special secret handshake!

Daniel enjoyed collecting leaves and flowers for our sensory play.

Daniel and Jaxson have worked together to build a fort in all of their playtimes today. Great teamwork boys!

In messy play we have explored melted marshmallows and chocolate, edible paint and made models with junk modelling.

In Theraplay today we tested how strong our pointy fingers, pinky fingers, thumbs, fists, choppy hands and feet are!

In English this week we are reading stories about pirates. Today’s story was ‘Pirates Love Underpants’. Cedar class found this very funny 😁 . We worked on using scissors appropriately and accurately and we wrote a sentence related to the story.

In messy play today we explored angel delight, scrambled egg and Hulk snot! We didn’t like the scrambled egg. It was so smelly!

In Theraplay today we made children pizzas and played our favourite game, break out!

In messy play today we explored magical ice cubes, potato printing and whipping foam.

In Theraplay today we made foil Hulk hands and had thumb wars. We found that all of our hands look different and we all have different strengths.

Our first PE lesson.

In Sensory Time today, we explored Playdoh, mud and dinosaurs, and grated soap, water and tissue paper. Our favourite was the mud!

In Theraplay today we balanced pillows on our feet and tried to stand on a tall tower of pillows.

Sound Bingo

We are trying really hard with our pencil control.

We painted the Great Fire of London in English.

We enjoyed our first PE intervention this morning!

Sensory Time

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. We wrote some key words.

Daniel loves playtime with Team Cedar!

We made pictures and shapes using Tap-a-Shape.

We used our threading skills to make dream catchers.

We can write our own names!

How are you feeling today?

We discussed how we thought each of the blobs on the blob tree might be feeling and chose which one each of us was today.