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Welcome to Maple class.

We are part of the Orchards department.

The staff in Maple class include...

Mr Lucas- Class Teacher

Ms Johnson- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Meredith- Teaching Assistant

Ms Jordan- Sounds write


Please take a look at our page to find out about all the things that we have been learning about and taking part in whilst in school.

Red Nose Day Maple class had so much fun. We completed a sponsored bike ride throughout the day, made boats out of tin foil, went to the cake sale and bought red noses. We also looked at the sugar content of different drinks.

Getting ready for Red Nose Day Maple class made an amazing Biscoff cheesecake

Week beginning 14th March we weighed various objects from the classroom finding out which was the heaviest or lightest.

Structured play in the morning is such fun

Understanding emotions. Mixing our emotions into a drink. Playing the emotions game and making faces to match emotions.

Healthy eating week. Children made healthy pizza with tortilla wraps.

We practised football in PE, defending and attacking.

Maple class welcomed Mr Lucas. We did some fun activities getting to know him

The children who are in Maple class.

Today Mapel class joined the rest of the school in the hall for a minute silence. In class we found out about Flanders field, poppies and made pictures to remember our fallen heros.

This term we've been learning about the Autumn season. We've written acrostic poems, made autumn pictures, thought about how we use our senses during Autumn, completed a word hunt around the classroom.

It was world science day on Wednesday. We enjoyed learning about different scientists and completing our own science experiments.

In PE this term we are improving our Gymnastics skills. Here we are moving around using various parts of our body and holding different types of balances with our partners.

We used clay to create pots. We decorated them like they did in the Stone Age.

We learnt about how during the Stone Age people used cave paintings to communicate and as an early form of Art. We looked at some examples and then created our own cave paintings using charcoal, wax crayon and chalk.

In English we have been thinking about writing to persuade. We created posters to persuade people to keep healthy.

During our daily OT activity sessions we have been working on our core stability.

In English we have been looking at twisted fairy tales. One of our favourites was The Ningabread Man. We worked as a team to make our own gingerbread dough and then our own ningabread people.

We used wooden blocks to create models of Stonehenge. It is a prehistoric monument in England.

When learning about what life was like for Stone Age people, we created jewellary and dressed our paper dolls in clothes like they would have worn. We had to use pasta and paper towels as we had no prehistoric animal skins or teeth!

People who lived in stone age times were hunter gatherers. They had to hunt for their food and bring them to where they lived. They made axes to help them hunt and kill their food. We created replica axes using clay and sticks.

To start our topic off, we took part in 2 stone age workshops. During these we were told about how they hunted for food, what they ate and wore and got to look at and touch different artefacts. We also had lots of questions to ask Liz and Russ about what life would have been like in the stone age.

The Stone Age.

This half term our topic is The Stone Age. We will be learning all about what life was like during this period of time, why it is called this and how it links to The Bronze and The Iron Age. Our lessons will include thinking about how they got food, what they wore, weapons they used and the homes they lived in. When learning about cave paintings we will also look at more modern graffiti art and Banksy. 

When learning about our feelings, we decorated jars that we could put items that were special to us in. We also chose our favourite sweets to create face biscuits.

All about us. We have been getting to know the people in our new class by talking about ourselves and our families.