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Welcome to Maple class.

We are part of the Orchards department.

The staff in Maple class include...

Mrs Jones- Class Teacher

Miss Johnson- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Meredith- Teaching Assistant


Please take a look at our page to find out about all the things that we have been learning about and taking part in whilst in school.

The children who are in Maple class.

All about us. We have been getting to know the people in our new class by talking about ourselves and our families.

When learning about our feelings, we decorated jars that we could put items that were special to us in. We also chose our favourite sweets to create face biscuits.

The Stone Age.

This half term our topic is The Stone Age. We will be learning all about what life was like during this period of time, why it is called this and how it links to The Bronze and The Iron Age. Our lessons will include thinking about how they got food, what they wore, weapons they used and the homes they lived in. When learning about cave paintings we will also look at more modern graffiti art and Banksy. 

To start our topic off, we took part in 2 stone age workshops. During these we were told about how they hunted for food, what they ate and wore and got to look at and touch different artefacts. We also had lots of questions to ask Liz and Russ about what life would have been like in the stone age.