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Class 5

The Rainforest

Fun in the Sun!

What the ladybird!

Fair Trade

 This week was Fairtrade Week. We found out about the work of Fairtrade and agreed that those who do the most work (the farmers) should have enough money for food, a home and education for their families.

Fairtrade Week- Fruit and Vegetable faces

Fairtrade Week-Chocolate

Fairtrade Week- Sensory Exploration

 We explored the smells and textures of Fairtrade coffee, tea-leaves, spices and seeds. Some of us were surprised that we really liked the smells!

Spring has Sprung!

In the last few weeks, and thanks to the lovely weather allowing us to spend more time outside, Alex has learnt to ride a bike! Yippee ... Hurray!! Well done Alex, keep practising!

St. George's Day 23rd April

Superheroes - Today we created our own Superheroes. We painted a picture of them and talked about the special powers they had.

Then we build some transport for our Superheroes to travel in

Superheores science experiment - Today we created our own city scenes and made our superheores fly. We had to test the magnets to find out which one was the best to make our superhero fly. We all had different opinions but we had fun trying!

Don't worry Alder Class, your plants now have a new home!

How is Easter celebrated?