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W.B 25.01.21

28.01.21- Fine Motor Warm Ups for Handwriting

Remember to warm your hands and fingers up before practising your handwriting, especially in this cold weather!

28.01.21- Today we're refining our handwriting and looking at the importance of handwriting. Have a go at some of these or simply practise your pencil grip and letter formation on some plain paper. Remember, handwriting is unique to everyone and there's no right or wrong way, however...we must be able to tell what each letter is. So check your size of the letters, are they on the line, and are they formed correctly.

27.01.21: today we're carrying on with independent reading and getting information from texts. Choose a book to read and focus carefully on the main character. If you don't have a book at hand, choose a book you could listen to on youtube! Then have a go at filling this sheet out which focusses on the main character in your story.

28.01.21- try to work out the start and end times by using the duration video to help you.

28.01.21- Duration of Time - KS2 Maths

Watch this to help you learn about how to calculate how much time has passed.

27.01.21: digital time

27.01.21- Converting analogue time to digital time (twelve-hour clock) .

Skip to 3 minutes in, and then watch and re-cap how we convert analogue time to digital time.

27.01.21: Telling Time - Reading analogue and digital time

A quick recap on time for you to remind yourselves how to read analogue clocks.

26.01.21- Topic- Wigan Now & Then

Watch this clip showing images of Wigan then and now, how has the landscape changed in 100 years? Do you recognise anywhere? What has changed in your local area? Take a walk outside and see what you can see that you think is new and what is old.

26.01.21 A.M. and P.M. and the 24-Hour Clock

26.01.21- have a go at exploring what you do at different times in the day.

26.01.21- In school today we are focussing on our independent reading and understanding skills. Choose a book at home that you enjoy. Have a read and then try answer some of these questions about it. No need to write anything down, just get thinking about what you've just read.

25.01.21- Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss Read

This week in school we will be focussing on our reading skills, gathering information from books and discussing what we've learnt from new texts. Listen to this story and then write down your answers to these questions: 1. Which two animals were in the story? 2. Why do you think the eggs are green? 3. what two types of transport were mentioned in the story? 4. why did he finally try the green eggs and ham? 5. what happened when he ate the green eggs and ham? 6. How many rhyming word pairs can you find...

25.01.21- Add the minute and hour hand to the time the clock is missing.

25.01.21: Have a go at this interactive PowerPoint to revise your skills on telling the time to the hour, half past, quarter past and quarter too.

How to Tell the Time

This week in school our focus is on time and telling the time. Watch this video to remind yourself of the basics before having a go at the work.