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Music- release you inner musician!

Music from central America.

Listen to this song which originates from the Caribbean. Listen all the way through and then:
1. Draw an outfit for someone who could be dancing to this song.
2.List the instruments you think you can hear.
3. Give the song a title.
4. Do some research and find the names of the countries which make up the Caribbean- which country may this song have come from?

Music from around the world.

Listen to this beautiful song from beginning to end and then....
`1. List all the instruments you think you can hear.
2. Write down which country you think this music comes from.
3. What you think the title of the song is.
4. What film could you imagine this song would fit into.

Listen and draw...

Listen carefully to this audio file, you may want to play it twice. Then, take a paper and pen and draw what you can hear. You may be able to hear different things so may want to draw two or three items.