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Celebrating VE Day making a military airbase 

Happy Birthday and well done to Captain Tom!

We were so impressed by Captain Moore completing his 100 laps that we decided for his birthday next week we would make him birthday cards. We will send the cards in the post to Captain Tom, to arrive just in time for him to celebrate the big 100!!

Pizza making

Team Cedar St George's Day Dragon

Team Cedar made dragons for St George's Day using junk modelling.

Team Cedar Maths

Today in Maths we worked hard to solve St George's Day themed word problems! We played a board game to save the maiden from the dragon and did a Purple Mash activity.

Team Cedar English

We completed 3 St George's Day themed jobs in English today. We designed our own dragons and wrote descriptive words around it, made a dragon using a template and completed word searches.

To celebrate St.George's day we made junk model dragons.

Fun in the sun!

Paul's England flag biscuits

Jack's junk model castle!

Alex and Paul's shields

Treasure Map

We have used our memory to create a treasure map of our school.

Rainbow Heart

We drew around our hands and coloured them in like a rainbow. We are going to stick them all together and create a gigantic rainbow display at the front of our school.

NHS Hero Captain Tom

We made a birthday card for Captain Tom as he will be turning 100 this week. We are very thankful for what he has done for our country and the NHS!

St. Georges Day 2020

This week we have been celebrating St. Georges Day. We have made castles out of junk modelling, flags on biscuits using different coloured icing, and made a flag out of hand prints.

Cedar Lego Challenge

Cameron and Blake have been busy making dragons and monuments for the 30 day Lego challenge this week.

Team Cedar Easter Club- Day 6

Charlie and Mollie-Lea worked together as a team to complete a scavenger hunt. They enjoyed a water fight and slip and slide this afternoon!

Easter Club

All of the children have worked extremely hard over Easter to create some beautiful art work!

Team Cedar Plaque

Cedar Easter Club- Day 5

Mollie-Lea and Charlie decorated our class plaque today and enjoyed a sports afternoon with the rest of the school!

Cedar Easter Club- Day 4

Mollie-Lea, Cameron and Charlie have decorated bird houses, made a salt-dough handprint class plaque and made their own rainbows for key workers. Our favourite job today was making tin candleholders with a hammer and nail!

Mollie-Lea and Charlie have enjoyed decorating their modrock eggs, finishing their Easter bunnies, making sweet jars and taking part in an Easter Egg Hunt today. We finished the day with a big water fight!

Charlie and Mollie-Lea have had a very busy day! They enjoyed making Easter bonnets, modrock Easter eggs, wish eggs, lollypop stick chick and Easter bunnies!

Cedar Easter Club- Day 1

Cameron, Mollie-Lea and Charlie put lots of effort into decorating their socks. Cameron and Charlie chose to make Easter themed socks and Mollie-Lea made a Unicorn sock puppet!

Cedar Craft

Blake, Cameron and Ethan have planted their own rainbows!

Cameron made a Tardis for the Lego Challenge!

Cedar Shape and Pattern Work

Cedar Lego Challenge

Cameron, Ethan and Blake have enjoyed making castles for the 30 day lego challenge task this week.

Cedar's Coat of Arms

Ethan, Cameron and Blake have been learning about the history of coats of arms. They designed their own coat of arms for their family and used personal information about themselves to make their own versions.

Paul's Easter Cakes

Paul has enjoyed making chocolate Easter cakes today. He melted the chocolate, added shredded wheat and put chocolate eggs on the top like a birds nest! 

Cedar Family Portraits

Cameron, Ethan and Blake used 2Simple on the computers to draw and label their own family portraits!

Cedar Self-Portraits

Ethan, Cameron and Blake have been learning about themselves and their families this week. They painted their own self-portraits!

Group 1 Titanic Project

Ethan, Cameron and Blake have been working on a Titanic Research Project this week. They have made a fact-file, made an Powerpoint Presentation and created their own Titanics out of junk modelling.