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Welcome to Oak class with Miss Smith, Mrs Smith, Miss Blundell and Mrs McKenna 😊

July 2022

Maths 18.07.2022 - In maths we have been learning about money. We all picked some items from the shop and worked out how much money we needed to pay. The boys worked very well.

Spanish 14.07.2022 - In Spanish today we had a special visitor in school, we learned lots of facts about Spain and tried some Spanish food.

Maths 13.07.2022 - We have been learning about English money and the different coins we have. The boys have been working really hard matching the coins and adding the money up.

Theraplay 11.07.2022 - In Theraplay today we have done the blanket swing. The boys really enjoy it and it helps them to gain trust in us and one another.

Spanish 07.07.2022 - We have been learning the Spanish names of different foods.

June 2022

School chicks 24.06.2022 - Today the boys went to see the school chicks, which the year 6 corridor are looking after. The boys were very careful and gentle with the baby chicks.

Sports day 22.06.2022 - All the boys participated well in sports day, we had lots of different races, such as: the egg and spoon race, the relay and many more. The boys and the parents where very happy.

School trip 22.06.2022 - On Wednesday Oak class went to the Three sisters park and recreation area. We fed the ducks, went on a walk and found the fairies in the woods, enjoyed a yummy Ice lolly and played on the park. We had a great day, the boys where very sensible and followed staff instructions very well.

Theraplay 16.06.2022 - Yesterday in Theraplay the boys enjoyed a bean bag throw and building a tower in teams. This helps with their throwing skills and team work.

Park trip 08.06.2022 - Yesterday we had a trip to the park the boys really enjoyed it and followed staff instructions very well. We saw some local doggies and asked the owners if we could say hello and stroke them. We had so much fun 😀

May 2022

Jubilee PE 27.05.2022 - We have enjoyed some traditional sports today in PE to celebrate the queens platinum jubilee.

Topic 26.05.2022 - This week we have been getting ready for our Jubilee party on Friday. We have decorated cakes fit for a queen 👑

School trip 25.05.2022 - Today the boys enjoyed taking turns in pairs of going to the park around the corner from school. The boys were very sensible and listened to staff instructions very carefully. They was very good at looking for cars and stopping to look both ways. We got a little wet but it didn’t stop us having fun! 😀

Maths 13.05.2022 - In maths we have been practicing our times tables and playing dominos. The boys also enjoyed time on my maths and prodigy.

Theraplay 10.05.2022 - Today in Theraplay we have been balancing the ball on the blanket without letting it fall off! The boys had so much fun. This helps them work as a team and build relationships.

Outdoor play 09.05.2022 - Today some of the boys enjoyed time on the bikes. Lee and Matthew have recently learned how to ride without stabilisers! Well done boys!

Spanish 05.05.2022 - In Spanish we have been learning the Spanish names of different foods.

April 2022

Science 28.04.2022 - In science we have been looking at gases, we did a experiment using different types of pop and balloons, to test which is the fizziest. The boys really enjoyed it and worked well together.

Theraplay 21.04.2022 - In Theraplay today we were doing different stretches using the superman pose, this is good for their balance coordination and muscles.

March 2022

Science 24.03.2022 - In science we have been looking at conductors and insulators, we have been testing different materials to see if they are conductors or insulators.

Art 21.03.2022 - In art we collected our own leaves from the school grounds and we used them to paint with, the boys painted their leaves and then pressed the leaves on the paper. It was so much fun!

Red Nose Day 18.03.2022 - On Friday for Red Nose Day we all wore something red. The boys enjoyed making their own red noses and we all enjoyed a yummy cake from the cake stall, all proceedings were donated to charity.

Water play 17.03.2022 - The boys enjoyed some time playing in the water tray. This helps with their sensory needs.

Science 16.03.2022 - In science we have been looking at electrical circuits. Today we made our own simple circuits. The boys really enjoyed it and worked well together.

World Book Day 03.03.2022 - We had so much fun celebrating world book day. The boys all came in dressed up as their favourite characters. We went on a scavenger hunt around the school and then we designed our own front covers for the competition.

Theraplay 02.03.2022 - In Theraplay this morning the boys enjoyed some parachute games. This helps them with their social skills and building relationships.

Pancake day 01.03.2022 - We had some happy and excited boys and staff in class yesterday, enjoying our yummy pancake station. The boys enjoying picking and adding their toppings.

February 2022 

PSHE 18.02.2022 - The boys really enjoyed making dinosaur slime, this helps with their sensory needs.

DT 16.02.2022 - In Design technology we have been designing and making our own musical instruments. We used junk modelling and different materials from home and school. The boys really enjoyed it and did a brilliant job!

Maths 16.02.2022 - In maths we have been learning about measuring temperatures, we put different temperatures of water in cups and the children tested which where hot and which where cold using thermometers.

Theraplay 11.02.2022 - In Theraplay today the boys have been practicing their balancing skills and reaction time. We had to dance, and when the music stopped we had to quickly jump into a hoop. Each round Mrs S took away a hoop.

Outdoor Play 08.02.2022 - On Tuesday Oak class enjoyed some time outside. Some of the boys tried out the new bikes. Whilst Zack enjoyed some time on the gym equipment.

Maths 07.02.2022 - In maths today we have been learning about money. We all went to the shop, picked our items and worked out how much we owed using our role play money.

RE 03.02.2022 - In RE this week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year. We made our own colourful Chinese Dragons. The boys had so much fun!

DT 02.02.2022 - On Wednesday in Design technology we made our own pies. We rolled the dough out, cut the shapes and picked our choice of filling. We made apple pies, chicken pies and steak pies.

English 02.02.2022 - In English this week we have carried on with our own stories. We wrote sentences to link to the pictures that we had taken of our bears/objects around school.

January 2022

Theraplay 28.01.2022 - This morning in Theraplay we did bowling with a twist, we knocked down the bowls using our full bodies. Then we had a competition with who could build their team tower the fastest. We had so much fun 😀

ICT 25.01.2022 - In Our ICT lesson on Tuesday we where being “B-bots” we used the arrows and the stop start buttons to direct each other.

English 19.02.2022 - In English today we have been matching the sentences to the pictures, using Phonic skills.

Spanish 13.01.2022 - On Thursday in Spanish we were learning all our colours. We went on a hunt around school to match the Spanish colours to objects around the school.