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Welcome to Oak class with Miss Smith, Mrs Smith, Miss Blundell and Mr Fisher 😊

January 2022

Spanish 13.01.2022 - On Thursday in Spanish we were learning all our colours. We went on a hunt around school to match the Spanish colours to objects around the school.

Maths 12.01.2022 - On Wednesday in Maths we were learning how to order numbers and how to identify missing numbers.

December 2021

Christmas Dinner 15.12.2021 - Today we enjoyed our Christmas dinner in the hall. We had Christmas food, crackers and told jokes with our friends, we had so much fun! 🎅🏻

English 14.12.2021 - This morning we have finished our Christmas cards and filled them out for either friends, teachers or relatives. We then enjoyed a hot chocolate with marshmallows and whipped cream, yum! ☕️

English 13.12.2021 - In English today we have enjoyed Christmas crafts, we have been designing our own Christmas cards and star baubles 🎅🏻

School Christmas Disco 10.12.2021 - Today we had so much fun at the school Christmas disco, we danced the afternoon away with all our friends.

Spanish 09.12.21 - In Spanish this term we have been learning our colours. Today we focused on red and black.

Design Technology 08.12.21 - Today in DT the children have enjoyed using different materials to make their own Christmas decorations.

Maths 06.12.21 - In Maths on Monday we were measuring objects using standard and non standard units of measure.

Maths 03.12.2021 - Today in maths we have been learning the time, we have been finding different times on the clocks and then we had a game of time bingo.

Theraplay 03.12.2021 - Today in Theraplay we did the Hokey Cokey and then we balanced the bean bags on our heads. This is good for balance and core strength. The children really enjoyed it.

Christmas Nativity 02.12.2021 - Today we tried on our costumes ready for the Christmas Nativity.

November 2021

PE 30.11.2021 - In PE today we have been practicing different types of rolls, we also looked at balancing and did a warm up of travelling around the hall in different ways. Zack won the Medal this week. Well done 👏

Outdoor Play 29.11.2021 - Today we took full advantage of the snow and had lots of fun, we then enjoyed a lovely warm drink.

School Council 19.11.2021 - In school council we have been making bird feeders, Lee really enjoyed making his bird feeder and hanging it on the school grounds.

Art 11.10.2021 - In art we have been doing remembrance day paintings, we painted a lovely landscape and added silhouettes off soldiers.

Science 10.11.2021 - In Science we have been learning and labelling different parts of the body. The children really enjoyed this lesson.

English 10.11.2021 - In English this week we have been doing the story ‘’The Journey” the story is animated with no words, this allows the children to use their imagination when looking at the story. We remade the little boat in the story using play dough and took them on our own journeys through different scenes of the story.

Maths 08.11.2021 - In maths on Monday we were learning all about 3D shapes, and discussing the properties, whether they role, stack or have corners.

Bonfire night 05.11.2021 - On bonfire night we celebrated by making our own firework pictures, using paints and straws to blow the paints across our paper, the boys really enjoyed this activity. In the afternoon we had a party to celebrate Miss Blundell’s birthday, we danced, played games, laughed and enjoyed some party food. It was so much fun! 😃

Diwali 04.11.2021 - Today we celebrated Diwali and made our own Rangoli designs. Diwali is the festival of light. The children really enjoyed it and it helps with their sensory needs.

Special Play 03.11.2021 - Today we had different work stations where the children could choose what they would like to do. This helps them to build relationships, learn how to share with each other and learning how to transition from area to area.

PE 02.11.2021 - We had a happy Matthew today after he won the medal in PE. Well done Matthew! 👍🏻

Theraplay 02.11.2021 - Today in Theraplay we played games that aim to develop friendships. Learning to share, trusting each other and most importantly having fun! 😁

October 2021

End of term rewards ceremony 22.10.2021 - Lee won and special award for being such a great friend. Well done Lee 😁

Theraplay 13.10.2021 - On Wednesday in Theraplay we had lots of fun with the parachute in the hall. Theraplay helps to build relationships and helps to build the children’s confidence in social situations.

English 13.10.2021 - This week in English we have been reading the story “The town mouse and the country mouse” we designed our own paintings based on the story and remade the story with our own puppets.

Maths 12.10.2021 - on Tuesday in maths we were learning about different shapes. Identifying 2D shapes and making patterns using different shapes.

Intervention 05.10.2021 - Zack really enjoyed his intervention time with Mr Garvey today doing a sensory circuit.

Theraplay and Occupational Therapy 04.10.2021 - We practiced different stretches and balancing on different legs. We then had a game of over and under and the children really enjoyed it. It helps with their core stability, muscle strength and helps them to build relationships.

National Smile day! 01.10.2021 - Marshall told our class joke and made the whole school laugh.

September 2021

Topic 29.9.2021 - In topic we enjoyed decorating ginger bread men! We have been reading the story this week and the children really enjoyed it, look at those happy faces! 😁

PE 27.9.2021 - In PE on Monday we were practicing hitting the targets and gaining points using the curlers. The boys really enjoyed it and Taio won the medal this week, well done Taio 🙂

Art 22.09.2021 - We have been learning the story of Pinocchio and we have painted some different pictures from different chapters of the story.

Theraplay 20.09.2021 - In theraplay we have been using feathers to find the most ticklish part of our bodies, and discussing our finger prints and body parts.

Maths 17.09.2021 - we have been learning about shapes and cutting bugs and insects out practicing our scissor skills.

Roald Dahl day 13.09.2021 - on Monday we all celebrated Roald Dahl’s birthday. We designed our own chocolate bar wrapper and made our own chocolates, we even won a golden ticket from Willy Wonker’s chocolate factory! Some staff and children dressed up and we had so much fun!

PE 10.09.2021 - In PE we practiced our throwing skills and played invasion games.