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Mr Finn, Miss Proffitt and Mrs Lowe would like to welcome you to Maple's homepage. Here you will find information about what we are learning about in the coming half-term as well as pictures and videos of us working hard. We will update this regularly so please keep coming back to see what we have been up to.


Here is this half-term's curriculum information. For previous ones, please click the link below.


                 Willow Grove Primary School


                                Curriculum Information for Parents


Autumn 2



PSHE / Breakfast





Celebrating being different

We will be looking at the school and British values of:








Through the following lessons:

Am I normal?

Understanding disability

Power Struggles

Why Bully

Celebrating Difference



Online Safety

This half term’s focus is all about how to act when being online and what to do when others are not being kind or safe online. The lessons that we will be looking at are as follows:


Talking Safely Online

Super Digital Citizen

Privacy Rules

What’s Cyberbullying?

Selling Stereotypes




History /Art

Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra

In all of our Topic lessons, we will be looking at ‘Magic’ through history and how this has affected people’s beliefs.

We will look at the witch trials at Pendle Hill to modern day magicians such as Dynamo






PE will be delivered by a sports coach and we focus on how we travel, balance, jumps and rolls.






Animals including humans

Children will build on their knowledge and understanding of different systems within the body. They will research the parts and functions of the circulatory system. They will focus on how nutrients are transported around the human body. Children will explore how a healthy lifestyle supports the body to function and how different types of drugs affect the body.



Can Religions help build a fair world?

We will be looking at what is justice and injustice? Is it fair? What does it mean to treat people unfairly? How does it feel?

We will also be looking at Poverty and how it affects people’s lives?


Continuous Play Offer

Throughout the day the children will have access to a number of play offers. As we start the new school year the play sessions allow the children to build relationships with their staff and peers. Over time, within play, we will nurture development of trust, friendships and security.



The questions that we will explore are:


 What is normal?

What does justice and injustice mean?

What is poverty?

How easy is it to do the right thing?

How easy is it to stand up for others?

Why did people believe that 11 people were witches?

Were the trials fair?

What is the function of the circulatory system?

What is a healthy lifestyle?

Do I always have to be healthy?



You could help your child by:


Talk to your child about makes you different to your friends.

By researching Magic through History

By watching videos of Magicians

Let the children go shopping with a healthy diet in mind

Let the children help prepare a healthy dinner and lunch

Talk to the children of being a responsible digital citizen and how you should be just as kind online as in real life.


Please also check out our school website, where you can also find this information and pictures of our work.

Thank you.


On Monday, we looked at what Diwali  was and how people celebrated it around the world.We especially liked how people celebrated using light and created our own lanterns to celebrate.
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To see previous Curriculum Information for Parents please click the link below.