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Welcome to Alder's class page. 

Autumn 2


this half term in English we have been looking at story sequencing and retell. We have used a number of books to help us to do this.

Autumn 1


This half term in our English work we have been looking at traditional fairy tales. 

We looked at how these types of story start and then how they describe the characters and the setting in these stories. We used the story bag concept and pictures to help us describe some characters and settings for our own stories.

The children enjoyed orally creating a class story and then drawing pictures and writing sentences for their own stories. 


This half term in our maths work we have been working hard on our number work as well as looking at properties of 2D shape and length as part of our measurement strand. We have been on shape hunts around school, we have created pictures using 2D shapes and tried hard to measure objects using cubes and with a ruler.

An awesome half term Alder class - well done!

Science - Animals including Humans

This half term in science we have been looking at and naming some of the muscles and bones in the human body. We created a whole skeleton as a class and named some of the bones, so we now have a new student in our class, his name is Steve the skeleton!


We also made a model of our hands to show how the muscles in the body work. We drew around our hand and cut it out, we fixed straws onto it to represent the bones and then threaded string through the straws to act as the muscles. When you pull the strings the fingers move!

We all really enjoyed making these and it really helped with our understanding.


This half term in PSHE we have covered a range of things such as messy play, speaking and listening (barrier games), mental health and relaxation.

In these sessions we have explored new feelings and textures and expressed our likes or dislikes about them. We have worked together to give and respond to instructions from our friends and learnt how to and the importance of relaxing using the sensory room. 

Topic - Stone Age

This half term in our topic work we have been learning about the Stone Age times. We have looked at village life, where they lived and how they survived and the weapons they used. we also looked at how in the Bronze age they made moulds to make parts of their weapons. We tried to recreate this using potatoes for the mould and jelly, chocolate and water to create the weapon part. 


We also looked at cave paintings and tried to work out the messages the pictures were trying to give. We created our own cave paintings in the sensory room with minimal light, just like how it would have been inside the caves in the Stone Age times.

Art - Cave paintings and Banksy

In art this half term we have looked at cave paintings from the Stone Age times as part of our topic work.

We have used different grades of pencil to create our work and tried the skill of shading. We have created backgrounds for our work using a wash tried to create areas that are light in colour and some that are dark.


We looked at the work of the artist Banksy and learnt a little bit about him. We learnt that a lot of his work is created to show current global issues of things that are of concern or interest to him. We created some of our own work in the style of Banksy and had a great time doing it.