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Welcome to Oak Class our class teachers are Mrs Ryan , Miss Simpson and Mr Hurst. 

Keep checking our page to see all the fun stuff we have been up to 😊

Spring term


Happy New Year from everyone here in Oak Class. Keep an eye out on this class page and on our home learning class page to find out what we are doing here and at home!

Mrs Ryan, Miss Simpson, and Mr Hurst :) 

Welcome back, it is the second half of our Spring term and we started it off by following the instructions to make our own pancakes for breakfast! We had lots of topping choices, with the most popular being Nutella. This week we did a lot of exercise and used the new outdoor gym equipment, which got our heart rates very high. On Friday we did our topic work - and this involved learning about the old coal mines of Wigan & we finished with a game Monopoly - The Wigan Edition. 

We made it! We have managed to reach February half term and what a wonderful half term it has been. This week we were business as usual for the most part with plenty of phonics, maths and English. On Wednesday we finished off our rainmakers as part of our science lesson. On Friday we celebrated Chinese New Year by doing themed crafts and puzzles, and sampling some lovely Chinese food. 
Happy half term from everyone here in Oak Class :) 
This week we have had plenty of fun in Oak class. We started the week with designing and making our own biscuits, as part of our enterprise work. We completed lots of jigsaws - some with more than a hundred pieces. The highlight of the week was definitely Friday as it was Chester Zoo’s virtual day. We watched the Humboldt penguins get fed, learnt all about Giraffes and watched Kirana the Tiger take her food to a lovely outside spot to eat. 
This week we had a jam packed week starting with our usual phonics work. We had a fun Tuesday making our own sensory toys, and then did some Spanish. During the whole week we worked to complete a massive jigsaw puzzle as a class, and had plenty of exercise with our PE lessons. 
This week we have been learning how to measure different lengths using rulers, and cubes. We measured pencils, rubbers and even books. Our science lesson was very noisy, we learned all about how sounds causes vibrations and saw the way this can cause rice on a drum to move. On Friday we did some work on colours, mixing secondary colours from primary colours and we learnt about the Heinz factory in Wigan. 
This week we had lots of fun writing about our potato superheroes, and trying our hand at some balance and skill games. 

Autumn term


Merry Christmas from all of us here in Oak class. We hope Santa brings you all that you ask for and much more. Enjoy the holidays and see you next year! 
-Team Oak 

This week we did some very interesting theraplay games where we tried to break free of paper chains - which is a lot harder than it looks!! We had lots of fun though as we followed this up with a music lesson where we did a Santa rap.It was also our last week on our science topic, which means we get to consolidate our work through games and interactive activities. This included working out where our organs go, a tooth jigsaw puzzle, molding a set of teeth, and a fun quiz at the end. Finally on Friday we designed, built, and then evaluated bridges we made using different materials. Some of our bridges were so strong that toy cars would bounce off them.
This week's topic lesson was all about Rationing during WW2. We found out that certain foods were limited and people did lots of growing of their own fruits and vegetables to help keep healthy. During our lesson we split into 2 groups and baked some cakes. One group baked a typical WW2 cake with basic rations. The other group baked a cake with all our usual ingredients that we would use today. We did a taste test to see which we liked the best. We all agreed the WW2 cake was much healthier, but the cake with all today's ingredients in was much tastier! 
This week was road safety week and anti-bullying week. We began by learning the green cross code, and using our craft skills to make our own cars. For anti-bullying week we discussed what "bullying" means and who to talk to if we are worried about bullying. One of our topics this week was World War 2, and we got to try on a gas mask and see all the different war time objects we have in school (including a coin from before the start of World War 2!!). One of the favourite parts of that topic was watching the videos of what life was like in The Blitz, and chatting about what it must have been like for people back in the day. 

This week we had a very busy week in Oak. As well as our maths and english we learnt some Spanish - focusing on "me gusta" which means "I like"!  Using different drinks we worked out which ones we liked, and spoke the sentence in Spanish.

In science we carried on our work about the digestive system, and did a practical activity to demonstrate what happens to bread when it goes through the digestive system -  that was a very gross lesson but lots of fun. As well as that practical lesson we did another in RE where we learnt about Diwali, which is the Indian festival of lights. Using facepaints we mimicked henna style paints used during this time, and me made clay Diyas. 
We finished the week with a reward as we managed to fill our class jar with points. We chose to have a mini cinema in class with ice cream, pop corn and comfy seats, a perfect way to finish the week. 

We have really enjoyed our first week back after half term. This week we got straight back into doing our work - with plenty of  english and maths. It wasn't all writing though... we also managed to do lots of creative activities such as decorating biscuits, making chocolate candy apples and we even tested out a new recipe for a mug cake. We have really liked being back in school with our friends and having fun. 

     Autumn half term part 1!


We have really enjoyed out first half term back, and done many interesting activities. We have played plenty of team building games to help us get to know each other. During "nocturnal animals week" we made some amazing art work, and even baked bread and biscuits. The messy play was also really fun! We ended our half term with a Halloween themed day to celebrate the end of a tough but worthwhile half term. 

We hope that next half term we will continue the progress we have made making Oak Class the best team in school.