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Welcome to year 6 Maple's home learning page! Below you will find lots and lots of activities which you can be getting on with whilst you're at home. There is a satchel for each week of the half term, open the satchel to find your English and Maths tasks for the week. Then, below the satchels are some more icons which you can open up to find other fun jobs to have a go at! Have a look in the Topic folder, PE, Art and even Spanish! smiley

mail Please share any work you do by emailing it to: 

smiley Alternatively take pictures of what you're doing and email them over too! 

New year, new me...take an empty jam jar and some coloured pieces of paper. Cut them small and write down some wishes or goals you have for 2021. Maybe you want to get ready for high school, learn a new sport or even a new language! You can then open the jar at the end of 2021 and see what you accomplished.