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This week  has been The Big School Bird Watch, and every class took part. Whether it was observing the local bird population, making bird houses, or doing some very cool arts and crafts Willow Grove children are always happy to take part in a theme week (this week was a hoot!). Have a look through the slideshow to see all the different activities and work. 

Pepper comes into school for two days a week.  The days are different each week.

Pepper is slowly settling into school life and the children really enjoy having her visit.

She visits them in their classrooms and the children have just started reading to her.

Pepper enjoys running around with them on the school field and likes to be taken for walks each morning and afternoon.

Jaidan enjoyed having his lunch with Pepper

Today in school Shaun spent time with Pepper.

Shaun helped to give Pepper her dinner and then he read her a story.  His reading was excellent and Pepper was very relaxed as she listened.


   Willow Grove's Got Talent.

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On Friday, Willow Grove's hall was transformed in to the most amazing performance space ever seen. It's beauty only rivalled only by the talent on it.


We had dancers, singers, beat boxers and magicians. It truly was the most amazing afternoon, filled with the most talented children.


The afternoon kicked of with an amazing performance from Zhane.