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Isaac has been very busy creating a display for VE Day

I hope you had a good day celebrating on Friday Isaac! 

Mrs R x

Excuse his wild hair! 🤣 Jack has been learning how to sew. He has cut up some old clothes to design and create little blankets for his teddies and even managed to sew up a hole in one of his favourite teddies and added a bell to his head.

That's brilliant Jack! Mrs Povah will be very proud 👏👏👏

Mrs R xx

Harvey exercising

Looks fun Harvey Lee! Glad you are safe and well smiley

Mrs Ryan x

Isaac had lots of fun creating his St George's shield & dagger

Love it Isaac! Well done yes

Jack has been planting today, he’s growing some radishes and sunflowers here and he’s also planted some seeds out the back. He also has a little cactus collection which he loves looking after, he brought them outside today to get a little extra sun :)

Jack told me all about this yesterday! What a lovely photo. Looks like you are having a good time at home. Mrs Ryan x smiley

Jake has been hard working on his school work with some help from his big sister which is amazing for Jake to do. He's also been playing football in the back garden with his brother as well as climbing. Jake has also been using his trampoline when he feels angry.

Great work Jake! What a fantastic way to use up that energy bouncing on your trampoline. Keep up the great work and it is lovely to see your photos smiley Mrs Ryan x

Isaac has been very creative, making lego, building a boxfort & creating a giraffe for his rainforest project out of recycled cardboard.

Hi all Isaac has been doing lots of home learning. He started the day doing PE with Joe Wicks. Then he has done some ghost science which made mum very scared. Finished off by learning about nouns & pronouns. We will keep you up to date. Stay safe Jeanette, Isaac & family

Great work Isaac! Well done 

From Mrs Ryan x