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Time for another update.

Hello Everyone.  

I thought I would just check in with you all.

The school is still very quiet and I really don't like the empty rooms and corridors. I much prefer it to be busy and noisy.  I am hoping we can get back to some sort of normality soon.  We are watching the Governments guidance and we are waiting for some indication as to how and when we can start to plan your children's return.  I think that the return to school will be slow paced and gradual.  I will work to support our Y6 children who will be leaving us in July.  It is going to be important that they have the best transition possible in the current circumstances so that they can have the most successful start to Y7.  I will stay in touch with you all so that you know how things are going.  When I have anything to share with you, rest assured I will share it.

We are all still keeping busy in school and the teachers are speaking to all our families over the week.  Our website is looking really good with all the pictures you have been sending in.  Please keep sending things to us.  It makes the staff smile when they see what your children are getting up to at home.  Have a look at the daily challenge section of the home learning page as it is full of ideas on how to celebrate VE Day next week.  Friday is the VE Day Bank Holiday but the school will remain open to key workers and some of our children. We will be celebrating the event with our children in school.

Next week we will be starting to collect food for our local food bank.  It has supported many of our friends and families during this period of time and we think we could possibly help by offering them whatever we can gather together. If you do have any spare tins, cereals, chocolates or dried goods that we could send to them, then just send then into school next week and we will make sure it is passed on to the Food Bank for them to distribute across our communities in Wigan.  Thank you in advance for your support with this.


I will sign off now but as ever remember we are here if you need us.  Please pick up the phone and we will help in any way we can.  
Enjoy your time at home with your children.

See you very soon.


Mrs Murphy