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Plans Moving Forward - Updated

29th May 2020


Hello Families.

I wanted to share with you a provisional plan for the next 7 weeks in school.  As ever, I am mindful of the latest Government guidance and the management of the risks in school.  This could impact on our plans and therefore can I remind you that what I am sharing could change at very short notice.  I will endeavour to keep you as up to date as possible.                                                                                   However, we hope that in the next half term we can achieve the following:


1st June for 4 weeks


Every child in the school will get an offer of some days back in school to ‘touch base’ with friends, the staff team and the building.

During this time transition support will happen for our Y6 children to their new high schools wherever possible.


29th June for 2 weeks

No Y6 children in school.

Transition time for our own children in school.

We will hopefully be able to let your child spend some time with their class teacher for the next school year.



13th July for 1 week

Preparing for Summer for all children.

Every child will be offered at least 1 day in school this week to say goodbye before the summer holidays begin.



I tried to contact all families before the end of last term.  If I haven’t managed to catch you then I will be trying again from Monday 1st June onwards so watch out for my call.

Thank you again for your continued support during these challenging times.


Mrs Murphy