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New Term - with a difference.

Hello Everyone.

I hope you are keeping well and that you are still socially distancing to protect your families, the NHS and all the other front line workers.  I really hope that your time at home is as peaceful as it can be and that you are getting through this really difficult time in the best way you can.

Please remember that even in the sunny weather that we have been having it is so important to stay at home and be socially isolating.  It is only by continuing to do this, can we hope to get some normality back sooner.


Today should have been the start of our Summer Term.  My thoughts go out to our Y6 children who should be having their final term with us and who should be looking forward to their Y6 Leavers Celebration at the end of this term.  As I have said before, we will celebrate their time with us in school at the first opportunity we get when the future is a little clearer for everyone.


School continues to be open to those who most need it.  We are doing our very best to stay in touch with each and every one of you. The teaching staff should be contacting you every week to talk about your child’s learning and to offer ideas around learning at home and what is available. You should also still be getting support calls from Mrs Bolton, Mrs Latham, Mrs Fowler and myself.  Remember to call school if you need anything else from us in between the calls.


Please have a look at our school website.  There are lots of ideas on it around things to do at home with your children.  If your children are reluctant to learn at home then have a look at our daily challenges.  These are ideas from the staff around simple practical activities that might grab your child’s attention and imagination.  Take some time to work with your child on the activities and they may just enjoy them for a little while. Whatever you are doing with your child please let us see it.                                          Take a photo and send it to  Then everyone can see the lovely things you are doing at home.             


Remember you are doing a great job and we understand it is going to be difficult for you right now so use us to support you whenever you can.


I am signing off with a thought that I read on the Beacon House twitter feed.  I have changed the wording a little …


Dear Parents

Don't stress about school work.

In September we will get your children back on track.  We are your children's team and that is our superpower. What we can't easily fix is social and emotional trauma that prevents the brain from learning.

So right now we just need you to share your calm, share your strength and share your laughter with your children.

No kids are ahead. No kids are behind. Your children are exactly where they need to be.

With Love.

Your children's team x


Bye for now and I’ll be in touch soon.

Mrs Murphy x