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Important notice to parents and families.

As you may be aware we now have confirmed Covid+ cases in school. All Public Health Guidance has been followed and the affected bubble is currently self-isolating in their homes. Anyone affected by this has now been notified.

I am very conscious that with Christmas approaching you may be anxious about your child in school during this next week.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind all parents and families of the importance of monitoring your child’s health right now. If you are at all concerned that your child may have any of the following symptoms:

· A cold

· upset tummy

· A cough

· Is hot to touch or has a temperature

· Has a change to their sense of taste or smell

Then please keep them at home – do not send them to school where they may pass their illnesses on to other children or indeed the staff.

Please follow the guidance from the Government and if you are concerned that your child may have one of the following main symptoms:

· A new or persistent cough

· Is hot to touch or has a temperature

· Has a change to their sense of taste or smell

Then you should apply online for Covid testing.

This will ensure that your family Christmas is protected and you do not have to self-isolate or are ill over the Christmas holiday period. Any positive Covid test result from next Tuesday onward will result in a self-isolation period over Christmas.

As a Head Teacher I will be working with Track and Trace for the first 6 days of the Christmas holiday break. To do this we have created a new email address that will be monitored over those days.

If you or any of your family test positive for Covid within this time scale can you please email to the above email address and let us know. School will then be in a position to support the process of track and trace to ensure Covid does not spread unnecessarily.


Thank you

Mrs Murphy