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School information update - Coronavirus

School information for Covid-19


As of Sunday 22nd March we are able to remain open for the majority of our pupils.  This may change on a daily basis and I ask all families to check the school website and their personal emails for the latest information.


The number of cases of Covid-19 has increased significantly over the weekend.  Please take the time to read the Government advice on how best to keep your children and families safe.  Advice can be found here.




In school we currently have:

  • 19 children who are self-isolating for either showing symptoms themselves or for living with family members who are showing symptoms. 
  • 3 members of staff who are absent due to self-isolating.
  • 3 members of staff who are either vulnerable themselves or who are shielding vulnerable children and adults at home.


Social distancing is extremely important and as you will be aware we could be carriers of the virus as well as be its potential victims.  Sending children to school does increase their risk of exposure to Covid-19 as they will be with other children and adults.  Please consider this very carefully if you are choosing to send your child to school.


Further Government advice on Social Distancing can be found here.


As a school community we continue to do whatever we can to prevent unnecessary risk to the children and staff in Willow Grove. The situation is changing rapidly as I’m sure you are aware and we will endeavour to keep our website updated for you. 

We are currently taking the following steps:


  • Wherever possible gatherings of staff will not go above 5 unless in a space where social distancing of 1m can be maintained.
  • Wherever possible class numbers will not go above 5 children.
  • School trips will now be cancelled and the school minibus will not be used.
  • Outreach support to other schools has been suspended.
  • All staff attendance at any training out of school has been cancelled.
  • All non- essential visitors to school will be cancelled as of Monday 16th March.
  • Swimming lessons are cancelled.
  • Teachers are sending out support learning packs for any children who are currently at home.
  • The Family Partnership Service will not be making visits to family homes until further notice – they will continue to be available to families via phone calls.
  • Wherever possible school are striving to implement some level of social distancing for the children within its school environment.