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Welcome to Willow!

Curriculum Information for Parents


                                                                   Autumn 2

   Class: Willow                                                                                                      Woodlands     


Hello Time


PSHE / Jigsaw



Talk about news and experiences.

Sharing, accepting

Celebrating Differences~

How am I different to everyone else?

What I like about myself?

People look different and like different things.

Bullying is unkind.

Kind and unkind words.




Understanding the importance of using the internet safely.

Logging on independently.



History / Geography



What is a hero? And why?

What superhero would I be!

Looking at armed forces and people who help us. Understanding roles within the community.



Saying hello, goodbye, yes and no.

Continuing learning colours in a seasonal way.

Learning how to say my name is….



Children will work on singing, listening, dancing, choosing, sharing, practising and playing instruments.






Seasonal Changes

What can we find in the environment in Autumn?

Completing a weather diary.

Identifying the seasons.

Similarities and differences in the seasons.

The effects of extreme weather.





Why do Christians Celebrate Christmas?

How it feels to receive gifts.

How it feels to give gifts.

The gifts Jesus received when He was born.

Celebrating Christmas in the church.


Structured Play

The eleven stations on offer are; reading and sensory den, computing, dressing up, small world, fine motor, malleable, construction, sand and water, creative, sensory and role play. The equipment encourages the development of physical skills, understanding relationships, problem solving, experiencing and identifying emotions, practicing roles, finding out what is ‘me’ and what is not ‘me’, relaxing, having fun and achieving mastery.


The questions that we will explore are:


Can we name the seasons?

What is similar about the seasons?

What is different about the seasons?

What kind of wild weather can there be?

How does the weather affect us?


You could help your child by:

Asking them what they have learned about in school.

Talk about the seasons and what we can see in the garden or the environment.

Remembering and talking about seasonal activities   eg playing in the snow, paddling in the sea, wearing suitable clothes.