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We loved holding the chicks!

We loved holding the chicks!  1
We loved holding the chicks!  2
In topic we have been learning about the History of the Titanic. Some children decided to re create their own ships using Lego. This took a lot of skill and patience but the children really enjoyed taking time to work on them. 
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As part of our Art work in Oak class we have been looking at paintings of rivers. We used a technique called Pointillism. The children used cotton buds and primary colours to make a river scene. 
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Curriculum Information for Parents - Spring Term 2

To celebrate World Book Day the children in Oak have been focusing on Harry Potter and being wizards. We have made badges and ties for the Harry Potter houses. We enjoyed time making potions in class by mixing and pouring lots of messy things! 
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This week in our topic lesson we have been learning about rivers and seas. We found out the names of the seas that surround our country. We used an atlas and our map skills to find the names of some rivers in England. The children enjoyed using their creative skills to make a river scene. They used sand, compost and straw to make a river bank and made a river through the middle using foil and water. It was a messy job but lots of fun! 

Curriculum Information for parents

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No-Bot the Robot

No-Bot the Robot  1
This week in English we have read the book No-Bot the Robot. We have created our very own robots and made ID cards giving information about our characters. 

Garden of hopes and dreams

Garden of hopes and dreams 1
This term in Oak class we have created a Garden of Hopes and Dreams as part of our P.S.H.E curriculum. We have thought about our hopes and wishes for the future. We made flowers, painted pebbles,made sun catcher CDs and are currently growing grass heads. 

Welcome to Oak!


Curriculum Information for Parents


                                                                   Autumn 2

   Class:  Oak                                                                                                         Woodlands    

BOXALL Breakfast

PSHE / Jigsaw



Celebrating Difference


Conflict within families

Anti-Bullying work

‘Cool to be kind’

Celebrating being different




Computer presentations.

Creating documents and saving work.

Creating and opening folders.

Searching, formatting and printing slides.

E safety.  


History / Geography


Heroes & Superheroes

Real life heroes – Fire service, police, paramedics.

History of Guy Fawkes.

Bonfire night.

Remembrance – soldiers.

British Heroes in History.

Sporting heroes.

Superheroes – creating characters through Art and DT.






Counting to 10.




Children will work on singing, listening, practising and playing instruments.










Forces & Magnets

Testing surfaces.

Experimenting with forces

Spotting forces in sports

Magnetic attraction

Testing magnets

Creating a fair test

Making magnetic games.






Creating a festival of light


Symbols of Christmas

Meaning of Christmas

Structured Play

The eleven stations on offer are; reading and sensory den, computing, dressing up, small world, fine motor, malleable, construction, sand and water, creative, sensory and role play. The equipment encourages the development of physical skills, understanding relationships, problem solving, experiencing and identifying emotions, practicing roles, finding out what is ‘me’ and what is not ‘me’, relaxing, having fun and achieving mastery.


The questions that we will explore are:

  • What is a hero?
  • What are the different types of heroes?
  • Why do we celebrate Remembrance Day?
  • Who is your favourite superhero?
  • Can you name any forces?
  • How can we use forces to change things?
  • What can you find that is magnetic?
  • Can you talk about magnetic forces?

You could help your child by:

  • Talk about your own family and the people who make up a family.
  • How do you celebrate at Christmas time?
  • Can you recognise any forces at home? Push / pull etc.
  • Who are your own heroes? Discuss with your child your own personal heroes.
  • Encourage your child to read each night.
  • Share stories together.