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Welcome to Team Cherry! 


When learning about information texts we have created our leaflets all about looking after dogs. We looked on the internet and the PDSA website to research the topic, as well as print off pictures that we wanted to use on our leaflets. We hope you find them informative and interesting to read. 

Our dog information leaflets

In English we have been learning about the features of instructions.  We made pizzas in class and then have written our own instructions. We made sure our instructions had a title, a what we need section, time connectives and used 'bossy' verbs.    

How to make a pet face pizza.

Our dog puppets

Our dog puppets 1
Our dog puppets 2
Our dog puppets 3
Our dog puppets 4
To link our work on instructions and our favourite pets, dogs, we have made dog puppets by following a series of instructions. They took us a long time to create but we are proud of the finish products.